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Sandy Morris is a career homemaker and Network Marketer having married her husband when he was already a Ruby Direct Distributor in Amway. Their dates were to Amway meetings and because their wedding date coincided with the Amway National Convention, that’s where they went for their Honeymoon… to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Sandy and her husband built their Amway business to Executive Diamond enjoying a lifestyle of freedom and travel. They built several huge organizations setting industry records and today Sandy heads a huge global Network Marketing organization distributing Essential Oils. She is the mother of 3 children and six grandchildren. The essential oils are an important aspect of the good health of her family and the health of her 94-year-old mother. Sandy can be reached at [email protected] or by phone or text at 954 806-4044. Her website is

Emotions in Network Marketing From the Prospect or Customer’s Perspective by Sandy Morris

Emotion could easily be an acronym for “Energizing Motion” because without emotion there is very little motion or action. Without emotion, a Presentation is just a dull barrage of details that is likely to fall on deaf ears and have little response. Your challenge is to stir the emotions in your prospect because all buying…

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