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Robert and Mary Beth Sly are here today to educate you and bring some financial insights to you that will help enlighten you and open up some ideas on how you can do the best for you and your family financially. Robert served in the Air Force working on Nuclear Weapons. He worked extensively in the car industry and found his passion in the financial industry whereby he felt he could make a greater impact on families and their generations to come. Robert serves on both the Security Team and the Praise and Worship Team. There is nothing Robert loves more than singing Praises to God. Mary Beth started her career in Wall Street and then worked the bulk of her career at L’Oreal in NY, launching products for Lancome, L’Oreal, Ralph Lauren and other designer fragrances. Life took her to Columbus, Ohio and she used her skill sets to launch products for Bath and Body Works. She too, knew that there had to be more and searched out a career in financial services. Both Robert and Mary Beth are avid readers. READERS are LEADERS and they are constantly reading and studying to improve their knowledge and understanding to better serve others. Mary Beth is a certified coach under John Maxwell and has studied with many of the personal development greats. Together Robert and Mary Beth work together to help families and individuals grow their wealth. They do this first and foremost through education so that people can be good stewards of their own money. They have helped many families find money they are unknowingly or unnecessarily losing and redeploy for more enjoyable, spendable wealth. Robert was born in Oregon and Mary Beth was born in New York City. Even though they were born on opposite sides of the country, they somehow found each other in Columbus, Ohio! Together, they have four children and four grand-children. They work as a team to ultimately build the Kingdom through their work. The first part of Proverbs 13:22 says that “A good person leaves an inheritance to their children’s children…” and they love that this career allows them to teach people how to do that and leave A GREAT IMPACT!!!!

HOW MONEY WORKS By Robert & Mary Beth Sly

HOW MONEY WORKS Let’s talk about how money works! As a little girl growing up in The Bronx, I was introduced to my brother-in-law’s father who was an immigrant from Sicily. He wasn’t formally educated, but he had old world……Read...

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