Author Archive: Stanford Cohan

STANFORD H. COHAN My contribution to this fine publication will be based upon an entrepreneurial career covering many decades. During that time, I have spent lots of years in the financial service field, as Board Chairman, CEO, organizer and builder of many of these ventures, including the nation's second largest money order company- Federal Express Management Corp. based on contract with Fed Ex Corp. This was a public owned company, along with Money Service Centers, owner and operator of 15 check cashing, money order, prime food stamp purveyor for City of Baltimore;and a number of other ventures which gave me a meaningful information base. Added to that list was control ownership of a Florida full service commercial bank. After retirement, I developed a substantial business in the MLM field from which I am now retired. However, I am most intrigued with the MLM business model and am now exploring re entry into the MLM field. I feel a responsibility to share my background and knowledge of the business world with the entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow.

Make It Happen by Stanford Cohan

To make things happen, you’ve got to do just that- MAKE IT HAPPEN  Those are three of the most important words in the vocabulary of those who pursue and achieve success in almost anything they plan to accomplish. Notice I said PLAN to accomplish. You must have a plan and it can be simple- just…

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