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Steve Dailey

Steve Dailey is a speaker, author, advocate and coach for people 45 and older embracing the second half of life as the Better Half. Helping hundreds of small business owners for over 20 years achieve new levels of vision, confidence and success in their business goals has taught him that those most equipped to make a difference in the world around them are those that have endured the challenges and obstacles of life through their first 40-50 years. His battle cry challenges - "If not for the second half, what was the first half for?!"

Getting Started by Coach Steve Dailey

Coach Steve Dailey on Getting Started Take the time to go through the 5 step process of Getting Started properly in your network marketing business What was your biggest takeaway from this exercise? 5/5 (1) Please rate this Article ……
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Mindset by Coach Steve Dailey

Coach Steve Dailey on Mindset Get a pen and paper to start taking notes on mindset. Learn About Your Growth Mindset Learn About Your Fixed Mindset Did you do Coach Steve’s assignment? Which type of mindset do you have? In…
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