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Sue has been an entrepreneur, business owner, networker, author, mentor, leader, and trainer, who developed a successful career in the Network Marketing/Direct Selling profession for twenty years.  She is semi-retired and living a good life in Spicewood Texas with her husband of forty years and their Aussie dog Titan.  They raised two sons together.   Sue was a co-author contributor to the Direct Selling Women's Alliance book 'Build It Big' - 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts & a trainer on their Mentored By The Master Series CD.  She’s been a contributing writer for The Network Marketing Business Journal, Home Business Magazine,, and  Sue has been interviewed on several home business radio shows since 2001.   To find out more visit her blogs at - and/or

Getting Your Home-Based Business Started by Sue Seward

How successful would you like your home-based enterprise to be?   What is it that some people do to become successful while so many others struggle and become frustrated, overwhelmed, and stuck in analysis of paralysis?  Are you treating your Network…
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Don’t Ever Give It Up! Give It Time! By Sue Seward

Don’t Ever Give It Up! Give It Time! Anything worthwhile takes time and effort. Life is not always a cakewalk and there’s no free lunch as they say right?  Success just doesn’t happen overnight, and people don’t get rich in a……Read...

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