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Timothy Hunter

A veteran of the MLM industry for more than three decades, Timothy Hunter serves as an industry consultant and financial adviser to leading companies and high-level direct marketers. Hunter is an acknowledged authority on compensation plans. Currently based in Southern California, he can be directly contacted at (949) 326-1007 and

How to Maximize Your Stair Step Breakaway by Timothy Hunter

The Stair Step Breakaway is, of course, the ‘Grandaddy’ of all MLM or Network Marketing Compensation Plans. Used by Amway, Shaklee, Primerica, WFG, and many many other ‘Legacy’ Companies. The Key to Big Earnings especially early in your career with your Stair Step Breakaway Company is SPREAD… Spread…
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Maximizing Your Compensation Plan by Timothy Hunter

How do YOU create the best plan of success within your MLM Compensation Plan. MLM has been around longer than most of us and many new distributors and ‘Brand Partners’ are joining the Network Marketing Industry by the thousands each…Read...

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