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Joseph Farina, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneurial Trainer and Professional Network Marketer. For over a decade Joe was recognized as a talented Personal Trainer and Business Owner His experiences starting at the age of 22yrs. old ranged from Retail Stores to Online Distribution in the Health and Wellness Field. After leaving the world of business Joe turned his sights to law enforcement to fulfill a childhood dream. Joe took that dream and graduated ranked #1 in his academy class. Not long after his career in law enforcement began, the world of the Entrepreneur came calling again. This time he found the industry of Network Marketing or as he says "Network Marketing found me". He became a fast study of the industry and has quickly become a rising leader in his field. The same drive and passion that led him back to the life of an Entrepreneur also found its place as a Motivational Speaker and Explosive Trainer in the art of Personal Development. Joe has been awarded recognition for his speaking by Toastmasters International and is quickly gaining a reputation in Speaking Circles as a guy whose speeches are "So hot they light water on fire". Born in Spring Mount PA. Joe now resides in New Jersey with his lovely wife, Janelle. To connect with Joe email : Mobile Office: 856-906-4988