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To Get The Most Out Of Your 27%er Success System: • Get “Hooked” and develop this as your 15-minute daily habit. • In your Notebook or Journal, write down your thoughts, answer the questions, and practice what you are learning. • Watch (and Listen) to today’s video (and/or audio). • Do today’s exercises. • Rate today’s lesson. • Share a “win” in the Comment area below to inspire others. • Recommend the 27%er Success System to a 27%er team member. **** If you have any questions in general or about a lesson or exercise, or you want to share any comments directly to The Coach email me Dear 27%ER Coach at Aim High & here's to your success!

Success Lesson Seventy Three: Listening in Business

Daily Inspiration Overview > Listening is more than just hearing.> Speaking is part of listening.> Asking open-ended questions that invite conversation. Learn to listen from your heart. Lesson Share What is your takeaway on listening? What is one way you…Read...

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Master Series: Mindset

Don’t Ever Give It Up … Give it Time By Sue Seward Posting in the Positive By Shad Helmstetter A Positive Attitude is Not Enough By Michael York Can Network Marketing be Done Part-Time By George Madiou Mindset of Financial…Read...

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Master Series: Prospecting

Value Based Prospecting By Richard Brooke Prospecting Only Two Ways: Head or Heart By Sean Murphy Powerful Prospecting Advice By Tom “Big Al” Schreiter How to Use Facebook as a Prospecting Tool By David Feinstein Three Steps to Effective Prospecting…Read...

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Exercise Fourteen: Your Next 50 CONFIRMED NO’s

Document Your Next 50 Confirmed No’s. I understand that this concept is hard to wrap your mind around early in your career. It certainly was for me. Unfortunately I had to master this idea the hard way. Team Building is…Read...

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How many techniques are your currently using to create leads? After your launch you need to have a least 5 lead generation methods you are using on a daily, and weekly basis. Honestly you need to be adding new lead…Read...

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Exercise Nineteen: Cancel-Cancel Technique

We have talked about the Cancel, Cancel Technique multiple times in this program. At this point and time in history, I believe there is nothing you can do to program your mind for success, and create new brain cell patterns…Read...

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