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To Get The Most Out Of Your 27%er Success System: • Get “Hooked” and develop this as your 15-minute daily habit. • In your Notebook or Journal, write down your thoughts, answer the questions, and practice what you are learning. • Watch (and Listen) to today’s video (and/or audio). • Do today’s exercises. • Rate today’s lesson. • Share a “win” in the forum (on the right-hand side) to inspire others. • Recommend the 27%er Success System to a 27%er team member.

Module One: Unit Ten: Lesson Sixty Eight: COURAGE

Daily Inspiration Overview In this training Strategic Coach Dan Sullivan will share insights into Courage, and the illusion of getting there so you can coast. Lesson Share Have you noticed that expanding your Comfort Zone keeps your mind focused? Use…Read...

This content is part of the Module One series.

Module One: Unit Ten: Lesson Sixty Five: Funded Proposal

Daily Inspiration Overview In the screen share training Dale will share with you the foundation method from his Funded Proposals course that will create some of the very best qualified leads you can have during your career. Lesson Share Have…Read...

This content is part of the Module One series.