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Vicky Wright

Vicky Wright is an author consultant, business owner, and network marketer. Over the years, she took the usual path of going to school and getting a good job to provide for her family. But she just knew there was more to life. She ‘tried’ several network marketing companies but was unable to achieve income levels to allow her to leave her corporate job. It wasn’t until she did a lot of work on herself by training in hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) that she realized she had limiting beliefs around money, success, and self-employment. Victoria wrote her first book “I’m Too Old For This Sh*t!” to share the story with others who feel trapped in the corporate workforce but just don’t have the right mindset to get out. Victoria lives in Sydney Australia with her husband and two children.

Mindset and Network Marketing by Vicky Wright

“I am here to tell you the only thing stopping you from achieving your goals is your mindset.  The words we say to ourselves are all that stop us from extending ourselves beyond our comfort zones”. This is a quote…
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