Autoship- The Ugly Side of Network Marketing by Fred Weih

New Technology Pays Up to $150 Each Month For Autoships!

Autoship, that Huge White Elephant in the room. That ugly reoccurring nightmare distributors face every month. There is an old saying in network marketing “you have to sponsor new distributors faster than they are quitting.”

The drop off rate of distributors paying their autoship is an estimated 70% in the first 6 months. The reason is simple, products sold through network marketing companies cost more, a lot more, over 1,000% more than comparative products sold through regular retail. Now it’s true, many products are of higher quality, but we won’t debate that issue today.

Because of this price disparity, distributors and customers alike are asked to pay an EXTRA $50, 75, 100 or more dollars every month to purchase the products through autoship. These amounts are over and above the typical family’s budget.

When a family is under financial strain, the first thing they do is cancel their autoship! It’s an industry wide problem, the net effect commissions suffer for distributors, they lose confidence in the company and they often quit too!


An Industry that Innovates!

Network Marketing has been a great source of innovation. For example, when the Giant AT&T was broken up, companies like Network 2000 (became Sprint) and MCI (WorldCom/Verizon) launched through MLM channels. We all remember Excel Communications, the Monster MLM that had a long run in telecom industry too.

But sadly, these examples are so few today.

Over the last few years, technology has moved lightning fast, innovations beyond our imaginations, conquering problems and changing whole industries.


For Example: New Apps for your Smart Phone like Uber are now the largest car rental company in the world, but they own no cars. They deployed new technology and combined it with independent home based businesses…that created magic. Airbnb did the same thing to the property rental industry. New Technology combined with Independent Home Based Businesses created tremendous success.

Why Can’t this Happen to the Network Marketing Industry Today?

It has, and you are reading about it for the first time

New App Technology that extracts the Data from consumer’s Receipts from everyday grocery shopping, dining and gasoline purchases along with Autoship purchases from all direct selling companies is about to make its debut. The technology works with every supermarket, restaurant and gas station in the US, no special debit card needed, just the App and a small monthly subscription fee to access the service.

The smart technology turns these purchase receipts into CASH. After all, we are in the information age, right?

Imagine calling your Prospect and saying “I found a company that will pay your autoship for you”


Provocative isn’t it? Yes, is it possible, Yes, is it working, Yes, will it help the network marketing industry, yes, is it main stream you bet!

Example: A consumer goes about their daily routine providing smart phone photos of their receipts, add a small amount of info, press a button, the data is off to be processed. Up to $150 in 10 % cash backs become available to the Distributor for shopping and spending money at their favorite locations, anywhere and every month in the US. NO HABIT TO CHANGE…PERIOD.



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 Autoship- The Ugly Side of Network Marketing by Fred Weih

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  1. Asbjørn Ølnes

    What will happen to the profession if all we do is provide an app? No training, no personal growth and development, no leadership?

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