Avoiding the shining object syndrome by Donald LaPlume

Donald LaPlume

We all want the results of a successful and growing Network Marketing Business.

To create those results, we know we need to put the work into our business, on our own personal development, and specifically, to help those who join us to be successful.

After all, it is their success that will lead to our success. Zig Zigler said it best, “You Can Have Everything In Life You Want If You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want.”

Two of the biggest personal challenges we face are staying focused and consistent, with all the
distractions in our daily lives. Avoiding the shining object syndrome and bouncing from business opportunity to business opportunity.

New recruiting technique to the next new recruiting technique.

Every time we start with a new company or start a new technique we are essentially starting over, giving up much of the ground we had built with our last company or technique.

So, stop changing companies, stop changing techniques and start doing what you have already been taught, in the most effective and efficient way possible.

This does not mean that we don’t use the newest technology to learn faster, stay focused, be more consistent and help more people reach their goals and dreams. In fact, we should.
Technology has changed how we do almost everything. While principles never change processes and procedures do. Using technology to speed learn, communicate in new ways, and never again be separated from others is an obvious choice.

The only question is, what tools are available that truly are effective and can enhance our personal development, our communication, and help us to see more and accomplish more in the same amount of time?

Rhino XR Studios was founded to build systems & change education globally, for the better. Utilizing technology available today and systems created by the company.

It’s important to state a simple and very true principle of life, “If we are not learning then we are dying.”

Education is not just for our children.

It is for every one of us throughout our entire lives. In business, parenting, relationships, hobbies, travel, and even our dreams.

To successfully help our clients achieve more in their business and in life, we have created a solution for entrepreneurs to build their businesses globally while staying local.

To teach their teams remotely as though they were all in the same room, to learn from the greatest thinkers, coaches trainers, and leaders of all time as though they were right next to them, to develop personally, faster than they ever thought possible and to bring their children right along with them to learn not only reading writing and arithmetic but all the success principles, wisdom, and lessons of those who have gone before us.

A system that aids in dream building, goal setting, and consistent action. All are built into the web3 ecosystem of MegaVerus. The success metaverse...

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