A Year in the Life of a Direct Sales Husband by Mark Semple

Mark SempleAs we at TheNetworkMarketingMagazine.com celebrate our first anniversary, Mark Semple shares his year of growth along with us.

As the husband & dedicated supporter of a Direct Sales woman, it is always empowering to look back and reflect on how far we have come.

My wife left her life-draining corporate job almost 2 years ago to do that which she loves most – her Direct Sales business. I get to watch her grow and glow as she experiences more and more of the blessings of this profession.

This last year has been especially significant. She earned the incentive cruise and was #1 in sponsoring in her company for 2005-2006. I see how hard she works, and it is so uplifting to me to see her achieve and to share the journey with her.

NULL  I have grown significantly over the last 12 months also. Inspired by my wife, I have seen what is possible and am charting a course out of corporate captivity myself. Direct Selling is such an incredible life – you can’t fail to enrich your life in multiple areas as you learn and gain experience. There truly are no limitations – other than those we impose on ourselves. I became very passionate about carrying the message of spouse support for Direct Selling as, unfortunately, too many women are working their business alone. The more I got involved sharing the journey with my wife, the more women I met who wanted what we have. Why do some women have a hard time communicating with their spouse about the golden opportunity they have and the difference it will make for their family? I am committed to this cause and will be making this my contribution to the Direct Selling profession. Within the last 12 months, my work on this topic has been featured in the Network Marketing Magazine and the best-selling More Build it Big by the Direct Selling Women’s Alliance. I was invited to present at the DSWA Education Celebration convention in Dallas this year and was humbled by the many great people I met.

Ordinary people like us living extraordinary lives. Simply because they charted a new course in their lives.

My wife and I were invited to present on several topics at the annual convention in her company. We did a presentation jointly on being successful together. I did one for the men on supporting their wives and another for the women on how to gain the support they deserve. As I work to conclude my coaching certification, I look forward to the day in the near future where I say goodbye to the corporate world and join my wife in working from home and living the life we love. I can honestly say that I would not be looking towards the future that I have without the love and support of my wife and the Direct Selling industry. The future is bright. Mark Semple


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