Baby Boomers and Millennials what can we each learn from each other? By David Feinstein

Baby Boomers and Millennials what can we each learn from each other?

Nearly 40 percent of us in the United States have a boss that’s younger than us, and that number seems to be growing very quickly.

The “power” is transferring to the younger generation at “super speed” because of “digital intelligence” …something new to the baby boomer generation and there’s definitely a growing dependence on what’s known as DQ: or digital intelligence.

This younger generation is creating more start-up companies than ever before and we’re seeing that many are in their early to mid-’20s and by the time they get to age 30 many are becoming millionaires!

These “new generation bosses” are manifesting the “wisdom” that their prior bosses (the older generation) have developed over several decades to learn…but these new generation leaders are growing by leaps and bounds…and yes it’s owing to the growing “digital intelligence” influence that these younger generation leaders are quickly moving ahead with greater speed and amazing acumen.

The powerful companies of today and the future will understand how to create the melting pot of taking the knowledge and talent of the “baby-boomers” together with the talents and creativity of the “new generation” and meld them together to create new techniques and new ideas for future growth using the knowledge of years of working and understanding of the “older generation” and the amazing creativity of the “new world”.

Someone recently applied the melding of these 2 generations by putting them together to create new ideas and new techniques by allowing the 2 to meld together and allow the creative process to flow between the 2 “partners” to create something new and modern and wonderful and that give and take between them created something powerful…an old idea or process that has been influenced by “modern-day thinking and creativity” creating “new intelligence” that people of today who are thinking with an open mind and allowing the influence of each other and the “digital influence” to allow new thinking to create NEW ideas that the world has been waiting for!

It’s amazingly wonderful how the Baby-boomers are learning from the Younger generation to create new and cutting edge techniques in the Network Marketing world!

David Feinstein
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