by Helen Ober


Helen Ober   Network Marketing is one of the fast growing industries of today. Is there any one age group that is more suited to take part in reaching for this golden ring? Let’s begin with discussing the Baby Boomer age group and why they are perfectly suited for this business, no matter what the product or service may be. First of all, there is no other group that has the number of people born during this time period.  In network marketing, success is a numbers game…the more people you reach out to, connect with, and build relationships with, the more people that become part of your organization. Baby Boomers with just the sheer factor of numbers have the largest pool to draw from. They also have the amount of time in years and experiences had, that stacks advantage on their side and adds additional pools of people to their network.

   Another factor to look at is time, need, and desire. Many baby boomers experience ‘empty nests’ with children leaving home. That opens the door for the opportunity to become part of a company that not only do they believe in but they have time to devote to. It can become the time to find a new purpose and focus energy in a new direction and build new skills and make new friends.

  Last but not least, are finances. Baby boomers have gone through many unique financial shifts, in the last ten years. Many people are finding the need to recreate and build bank accounts again, due to possible setbacks financially. That coupled with college tuition and other unforeseen challenges, may make an additional source of income necessary. With the flexibility and unlimited potential network marketing offers, baby boomers are finding this industry the answer to many needs.

    Life experience of baby boomers is an advantage. However, one critical piece of advice to all in this age group is to be adaptable and relevant. What do I mean by this? The new generation of millenniums is the future we can invest in. In order to connect with this generation, baby boomers must be willing to let go of the past and become aware of the new emerging ways in technology and how communication is done by younger people. I believe there can be a give and take both ways. The older generation can impart ways that work for them to connect yet they must be willing to understand and adapt to the younger generation’s ways. Texting, social media are but a few examples. With the blend of both worlds, there can be incredible benefit to all.



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