Baby Boomers to Gen Y – 3 Reasons to Prepare for the Future by George Madiou

George-MadiouIgnore today’s young adults in your network marketing organization and watch your business eventually disappear!  Growth, stability and prosperity, three reasons not to pass up today’s young adults. Warning: Ignore today’s young adults in your network marketing organization and watch your business eventually disappear! So you think that warning is bordering on exaggeration? It’s best you explore the future before you blow off this warning. The three reasons I would never pass up adding young adults into my business is a growth spurt that would rival any other in my group, Stability in the base of my business, that represents long term strength and prosperity that represents the desire of this energetic group. Growth The under 30 group is not yet distracted by “issues” that their older counterpart faces. The 30 and older are already involved in careers and the thing that come with careers, fear of loss.  NULL

So many are paid not enough to be happy but too much to quit. So many have lost that desire and are working the week to get to Friday. They have gotten on a gerbil wheel that is difficult to get off. The under 30 group hasn’t gotten on that gerbil wheel yet. They have seen their parents and older friends get into that routine and they are looking for a different way.

Network Marketing brings all of the hope our industry offers and none of the past bad publicity. It represents the results that this generation is looking for.

Tapping into this dynamics offers incredible growth for any organization that embraces the under 30 individuals. Stability There are many over the age of 30 that would look at young adults under the age of 30 and say, “stability, stability, are you kidding?” My answer is absolutely not! There are 2 reasons why I believe that young adults are a key to stability. Each year that goes by the largest group of networkers, the baby boomers, get older and quite frankly have less energy and loss of vision, for where their business can go and some just let their business fade away. The direction this group is going after college is not the traditional route. Many aren’t looking for a 9 to 5 office job and the ones that are looking for that, are having a difficult time finding one.

Network Marketing is an opportunity that represents the kind of “thinking out of the box” the under 30’s embraces.

If they find a way to work from home or earn as they travel and not have to conform to traditional work settings, they’re in! If you can show them that there is no income ceiling especially as a result of their age, they’re in! If they can show their peers their personal results, they become a magnet for their friends to join them to get similar results. As this part of your organization grows, it produces stability! Prosperity Prosperity comes with pursuing, not dabbling with these young network marketers. This is prosperity, for both you and the young adults that you bring into your organization. Don’t pander and talk down to them. They have as much to teach you about their niche market as you have to teach them about your great opportunity. This is the ultimate of a win – win situation for you both. Work together and prosperity will be a wonderful byproduct of this relationship. Aim high! George Madiou Publisher and Co-founder


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