Become Your Own Superhero by Jim Britt

Jim BrittYou will be amazed when you learn about the supernatural powers “YOU” already possess! Are you focused on what will produce you the greatest results? Have you ever asked yourself these questions? “Why does this always happen to me?” “Why do I “almost” make it then fail?” “Why does money and success keep eluding me?” “Why do others make it big, and I can’t?” The question shouldn’t be “why?” The real question should be “How? How do I make a change?” We humans love to complain and we act upon what we believe… good or otherwise.

The key is top stop an unproductive belief in it’s tracks? How do you do that? You challenge it!

Ask yourself: “How did I come to believe this?” “Who taught me to believe this way?” “What if they didn’t know?” “What if it’s not true?” “Is this just mind chatter full of half truths or lies?” NULL

Remember, all beliefs are false until you decide they are true, and then they may be only true for you.

More importantly, ask yourself these questions: “Who would I be without this belief?” “Is there any reason to hang onto this belief that isn’t painful of stressful?” If not, let it go and take an alternate route!!! I’m going to suggest something that may initially sound crazy. Why not start thinking like you are Superman. Sounds Crazy, right? Not really. It’s powerful when you think about it. It’s based on quantum physics science. It can truly change your life. Think about it. If there was any real or fictional person whose qualities you could instantly possess, who would that person be? Personally I think “Superman” would be the perfect person. Now you are probably thinking I have lost it right? Think about it. Superman is a fictional Action superhero widely considered to be one of the most famous and popular of such characters and an American icon. He’s an indestructible man of steel, more powerful than a locomotive… great powers to have in this day and age, wouldn’t you say? And for all my female readers as you know there is also a female version of Superman… Superwoman, and she has the same powers as Superman. I’ll just refer to Superman from this point forward to keep it simple. Let’s first consider the scientific marvels of the human body. But, first let’s look at the qualities that Superman has, that you want to make yours- Superman is powerful… Superman is virtually indestructible… Superman can stop bullets… Superman has supernatural powers… Superman can stop a speeding freight train. Superman has incredible strength… Superman jumps into immediate action when troubles arise… Superman never backs down… Superman can even change cloths in seconds in a phone booth! Pretty cool talent that might come in handy in this fast-paced world we line in. OK, we all know that Superman has incredible supernatural powers, but how can that help you? What good will it do you to simply think we are Superman? Well, here is where quantum physics comes in… this is the part where you will be amazed when you learn about the supernatural powers “YOU” already possess! Research shows that your brain makes certain chemicals called Neuro-Peptides. These peptides are literally the molecules of all emotion… Love, Fear, happiness, courage, etc. These molecules of emotion are not contained only in your brain, they actually circulate throughout your entire body. In addition your immune cells which are protecting you from diseases are also throughout your body. The amazing part about these cells of emotion and immune cells is that they are intelligent. In other words they can think! It is also proven that these immune cells which are protecting you from disease are constantly eavesdropping on the conversation that you are having with yourself. They actually listen in on your self-talk and adjust their behavior based on what they hear from you… their master. So back to Superman. Just imagine what would happen if you started to think like Superman and you communicated those thoughts to your cells. Here are some of the thoughts you might have during the day: “I am indestructible” “I can overcome any problem dealt me.” “I am always up for a challenge.” “If there is a wall in front of me I either go over or through it.” “I have supernatural powers.” “The challenges I face today are easily overcome, after all I am Superman. “I have incredible strength.” “Nothing can stop me…..nothing.”

Just imagine the trillions of thinking cells in your body listening and following your command. They only have one mission and that is to complete and make real the picture of you they see when they hear you talk to yourself. They must obey. It’s their job!

Since you are “Superman” you cannot get sick because your immune system cells are now fortifying themselves based on your self-talk to make sure of that. They are making you healthier and stronger everyday! Since you are “Superman” you never get down. You have the ability to fight off all verbal attacks, overcome set backs, keep physically fit, fight disease and illnesses, and accomplish every objective you set. After all you are Superman and you never lose. Superman is confident, right? So now your cells of emotion relating to confidence will now create more Peptides that promote the feelings of confidence and inner strength. You have the confidence that you can accomplish any task. Superman is fearless so your cells of the emotion relating to fear will now create more Peptides that promote feelings of courage… you fear nothing. Nothing can stop you! Up, up, and away!! Free webinar Free webinar


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