Becoming Who Others Want to Follow By Peter Pearson

Here’s a simple thought experiment.

Imagine all the different personalities in your downline.

Some will be aggressive and love aggression in themselves and others.

Some will be extra polite and value politeness in others.

Some will prioritize earning the big bucks.

Others will value being of service, trusting that the $$$$ will follow.

Now imagine you have to develop a leadership style that attracts all of these (plus many more) – so they all want to follow you.

Can you imagine feeling a little crazy?

Folks who endeavor to please everybody always get stuck. Their self-esteem, worthiness and lovability depend on being accepted and validated.

Take this to an extreme and imagine living a life so carefully that few people will know you’re dead when you make your final MLM purchase!

So, let’s get one concept out of the way. Whoever you are as a leader, you will never attract everyone.

There has never been a political, religious, military or corporate leader that everyone wants to follow.

George didn’t ask me for idea titles on this edition’s theme. But if he had, I would have suggested this: Become who you aspire to become and you will attract those who have similar values.

That’s an easier article to write. And an easier way for you to live.

Because it starts with you instead of thinking about what others might want from you.

Let’s do another thought experiment.

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Peter Pearson
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