Becoming A Network Marketing Talent Scout by Sue Seward

sue.sewardBecome more of a talent scout and just watch how people will be attracted to you. “A Team’s longevity depends on its ability to recruit new talent. Every team builder knows that talent is the lifeblood of an organization. So where do you find it?” Laurie Beth Jones – Teach Your Team To Fish Becoming an entrepreneur helps you learn a lot about people and about yourself.

There’s something that has to happen before you will become successful in anything you attempt to do. You must first build yourself and your own talents!

When this happens you will start to develop posture. So what is posture and how is it developed in a person? Posture is when you have developed confidence in yourself and what you’re doing. You will begin to look for talented people to partner with you in your business and not be intimidated to speak with successful people that come across your path on a daily basis. NULL

Becoming a talent scout vs a recruiter can be more productive in the long run. I remember first starting out in Network Marketing. We were taught to become recruiters. Everyone was a potential business prospect. No matter who they were or what sort of mindset they had I was determined to recruit every single person that I saw or talked to even if they weren’t qualified and did not have any interest in my business. This is actually the learning process that most people go through.

Over the years of being in a home business, learning the art of attracting other entrepreneurs with the mindset of a talent scout just might prove to be much more productive.

People who are recruiting machines are successful with numbers. Many of the people they recruit may end up dropping out because they are not able to duplicate the same efforts of a strong recruiter. Some people want to recruit anyone they bump into. They talk and persuade people into joining with them, even when someone doesn’t really want to join and most importantly they are not qualified to start their own business enterprise in the first place so they end up quitting because they may not have an entrepreneurial mind set. They have an employee mindset and are looking for immediate gratification. In other words they say yes when they may really mean no. Many times they do not know how or what to do and may be looking for advice and guidance. Ultimately what they are probably looking for is leadership and team culture. The majority of the time great recruiters are not very good at training people or showing new distributors how to build the business. Their expertise is in recruiting, so people they recruit tend to die on the vine if they do not get plugged into a system that they too can duplicate because they themselves are not experts at recruiting. The average person recruits only a few people. Some recruiters do not typically take the time to actually get to know a person or ask them what they are interested in, why they want to start a business (if they actually do have the desire to change the quality of their life). They may in fact, never really take the time to find out what sort of talents a person has. Getting the numbers, being #1 at all times no matter what, and winning the contest, recognition and rewards is the thrill for a recruiter. If you are not able to keep up they could leave you behind in their dust.

If you really want to become very successful in your network marketing business develop the habit of becoming a talent scout. Sacrifice time and hard work to develop into a talented leader and teach your team to fish for talent.

Before long talented people will start searching you out and you’ll build a solid foundation in your network marketing business. Constantly be on the look out for talented women and men that you’d like to work with and help develop into talent scouts. Soon there will come a time where you’ll become very selective in who you choose to work with. What is talent anyway? Does that mean you look for someone with a Ph.D. or for people who are very successful already? Actually, yes, these are definitely professionals you’ll want to partner with in your business enterprise because people who are already successful will most likely be interested in more time freedom and you can show them a way to develop a passive residual income stream that will leverage their time. Network and connect with people who are highly motivated with a winning attitude and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Start searching for ordinary people that can do ordinary things extraordinarily well.

When you develop your own leadership talents you’ll become more open to approach and speak with other successful people. When you exhibit posture, successful people will engage in conversation with you because they realize that you are not out to recruit them. Most successful people are open minded and may even decide to joint venture with you. You will never know until you ask. The important thing is making connections everywhere you go. You will be absolutely amazed at the people who start to contact you and the success you will have when you seek out other talented people. Become more of a talent scout and just watch how people will be attracted to you.


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