Becoming NOT NORMAL: It’s Not About The Money… (Sort Of) by Michael York

Michael YorkAnd while it’s really about so much more than just the money, there will always be greater pay for greater value. For 25 years or so I was a struggling selling professional. I had success that would have made a great ride at a theme park, up and down, round and round, upside down…know the feeling? Sales, management, corporate America, jobs, the normal stuff. Actually a career in selling once was considered “not normal.” Although today most selling “professionals” (simply meaning they do it to get PAID) are pretty normal, and predictable, as salespeople go. Seems today even for the uncommon selling professionals it means more and more LONG HOURS, FEWER VACATIONS, HIGH STRESS, CHANGING COMMISSION STRUCTURES… Sound familiar? Sure, it’s NORMAL. Since the spring of 2000, when I began my professional speaking and consulting business and as an author of several books, I’ve had the opportunity to meet people who are, well, NOT NORMAL. NULL

They’re RICH. Wildly SUCCESSFUL. They’re AFFLUENT. They’re GENEROUS, often to a fault. They’re HAPPY. They’re FREE to do whatever it is they’re PASSIONATE about and often that means they’re PHILANTHROPISTS (one of my goals). In 1988 I began in earnest my study of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Over 20 years later I can see the tangible results of that study in my life and in the lives of those around me. The evidence is too powerful to ignore. Somewhere along the way, I began to study WEALTH. I got me a new leather journal and started on my wealth notes… I had questions that needed to be answered. About WEALTH and BECOMING WEALTHY! And it wasn’t just about the money. Hold the phone…I know you’ve heard people say that before. Maybe actors or athletes, and you thought to yourself, “YEAH RIGHT!” They sign this HUGE contract while looking into the TV cameras telling me and you it’s NOT ABOUT THE MONEY. But it’s really the truth, it’s not about the money… especially when you HAVE MONEY! It’s really only ABOUT THE MONEY, when you don’t. Many individuals will do most anything (within certain bounds) for money, even when they know it’s not the best thing for them. There is a certain DESPERATION in the absence of money. And seldom does the average individual realize that what’s really needed is for them to INCREASE THE VALUE they provide to the marketplace. Earl Nightingale once remarked that “In the area in which MONEY WORKS there is no substitute for money.” TAKING ACTION IN A NEW DIRECTION If you’re actually reading this, by the time you finish chances are pretty good you’ll be in a “thinking mood.” You might be reflecting on something you’ve read here (wondering if I’m right or just NOT NORMAL), thinking about your life, considering a new direction for your life/work, etc. While you’re thinking it over… TAKE SOME ACTION. Go online and order LEAD THE FIELD, the CD audio series by Earl Nightingale. And then order a book called Secrets of The Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker. It is one of the most remarkable “not normal” books I’ve ever read. I came upon it by a recommendation from another “not normal” friend of mine, Jack Canfield (right, that one). Jack wrote the recommendation for my book The 10 Commitments so I know he has great taste in good books (shameless plug for me). My study of wealth has lead me to many great ideas and revelations about not-normal thinking when it comes to time and money, but Harv Eker’s book takes it to a new level. I guess because I can relate to so many of the things he was told as a child about having money and what those “filthy rich people” were like (and why we certainly didn’t want to be like THEM!).

America is NOT (and was never intended to be) the land of JOBS… America is the LAND OF OPPORTUNITY!

Politicians don’t seem to understand that. We don’t teach it in school. Where did we lose our way? When did we stop trying and thinking? When did we buy into NORMAL? Especially such a DISTORTED view of NORMAL? Well, I’m OUT! I refuse to participate in NORMAL thinking or normal activity. And what I’ve learned is that when you make that decision it’s amazing how BACK TO NORMAL your life can become. How simple life gets when you have the time and the money and the freedom to enjoy life. It’s not a dream. It’s being done by more and more people every day. It’s just not the norm. And that scares people… In my study of wealth I’ve collected pages and pages of notes and quotes and evidence. It’s a “white paper” report of sorts that’s turned into an E book. I’ll be glad to send you a copy if you email me at [email protected] What’s NOT NORMAL? Here’s my short list…

  • Working 10-20 hours a week and earning a passive INCOME!
  • Creating hundreds/thousands of dollars of EXTRA INCOME while you do what you’re doing NOW, no quitting your job or leaving your family to do it. It’s called the POWER OF PART-TIME.
  • Doing most of that work at home or on the beach or on a boat or wherever you happen to be, wherever you want to LIVE!
  • Using tools like cell phones and videos means almost anyone at any age can do it.
  • You don’t need to know everything or sell ANYTHING, because there is ALWAYS a TEAM of people available who want to help you do it. Because it really is a TEAM, when you win they win, and when someone else wins you win.
  • Many of the people doing this take MANY VACATIONS EACH YEAR and most all of them last longer than 3 days.
  • NO SELLING. It’s like “Oprah marketing.” Meaning simply when Oprah markets or recommends something, sales are made, revenues are generated, and all the income flows to the person who made the recommendation… OPRAH! How cool would it be if you could get a “share” of the Oprah money?

So the next time someone tries to rain on your NETWORK MARKETING PARADE… You can tell them you’ve had it with NORMAL!

Network Marketing is creating a tidal wave of opportunity today for ordinary individuals around the world and providing powerful personal coaching and personal development in the process.

And while it’s really about so much more than just the money, there will always be greater pay for greater value. It’s the law of the marketplace. So get out your map and find the treasure. Explore a little. It all begins with a new decision and TAKING ACTION in that new direction. Here’s to your UNCOMMON SUCCESS, Michael p.s. Happy 5th Anniversary to The Network Marketing Magazine on their “NOT NORMAL” commitment to helping uncommon individuals have greater rewards through greater understanding of this amazing industry.


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