Being Bold! By Jane Mannette

Being Bold!

Boldness is one of the key ingredients in the success, fulfillment and happiness formula.

It’s right up there with confidence, courage, leadership, persistence, focus and commitment. We, as entrepreneurs understand it as an essential characteristic to continually cultivate and develop. It is a desirable quality we seek to identify and to attract in those with whom we choose to collaborate, strategize, execute with and emulate.

Bold people stand out from the crowd.

They possess a strong sense of self-awareness and nerve. They are willing to take risks and step away from comfort zones. As a result, boldness prepares us for and opens doors of opportunity. The great 20th-century poet Robert Frost once said, “Freedom lies in being bold.” It is true that many of the worlds great business, social, entertainment and military leaders to name a few are identified by their uncanny quotient of this highly valued quality and skill.

But what is the source of BOLDNESS one may understandably ask? 

Can I increase this treasured trait in myself? How can I increase this quality in myself and in others (e.g. spouses, children, partners, team members, support staff, etc.)

It may surprise you to know that how BOLD you may or may not have to do with your very intimate and personal beliefs. Moreover, those beliefs are mainly formed from the 3rd trimester in our mother’s womb through the first 7 years of life. Often these beliefs have been installed by important influencers in our youthful experience; our parents, siblings, sitter’s and peers who seek to be well-meaning in most cases; or by vows and promises we made to ourselves before the age of reason and maturity. We made major life decisions about how we will live our lives when we had only been on the planet for a short time. In fact, it is estimated that 90% of all of our behavior, choices, aspirations, habits, and identity is under the control of our subconscious mind. While our conscious mind influences only 10% of our lives. Our educational system is geared to our conscious minds but it is our subconscious mind that’s running the show.

It gets more interesting still. The subconscious mind has no concern for time and space, or right or wrong or whether something is true or false. It simple eavesdrops on our thoughts and images and then goes about bringing our experiences in alignment with our wishes, beliefs, and perceptions.

What you believe is your truth. And your life right now today is a perfect snapshot of what you believe. But don’t despair. We are so exquisitely designed that all we really have to do is believe something and it must become our reality. Our subconscious mind artfully responds to repetition, feeling and intensity. Here is the Good News!

We can influence and change our beliefs. It is possible to remove toxic, unresourceful, unfulfilling, less than desirable beliefs and install new, liberating, healing, exciting and empowering ones in their place. The implications of having this understanding and skill sets are extraordinary. The challenge is that most people have no idea whatsoever as to what they believe or how to assess, remove, recalibrate and reinstall liberating and bold beliefs, But there are solutions!

Whether you are confronted with anger, depression, anxiety, migraines, addictions, procrastination, phobias, fear of success, public speaking or even infertility; you can orchestrate real, tangible and meaningful changes with a change in beliefs.

Now here is the really GOOD NEWS! I just spent 12 days in London with one of the most acclaimed renowned Masters of this skill, and it is a skill. I am honored and privileged to share that this Master trained me along with others to do just that. Marisa Peer winner of dozens and dozens of awards, voted the #1 Therapist in all of the UK, created Rapid Transformational Therapy over a 30 plus years practice. She has been honored to serve as Therapist to members of the Royal family, numerous celebrities, entertainers, professional athletes and the like. She even worked with the former queen of fitness herself, the incomparable Jane Fonda.

I am grateful and privileged to have the opportunity to have this skill set, talent, passion, and understanding required to assist others in overcoming their pain and suffering; maybe you or someone you know; one heart and one soul at a time.

No matter how painful the movie of your life has been and regardless of what it looks like now; together we will change that picture so that from this day forward the freedom you deserve the happiness and fulfillment you crave, the success and stewardship you so intimately desire can  become your reality and we can do so within a highly focused 1 to 3 session experience.  RESULTS ARE INSTANT AND PERMANENT. Beliefs are the powerful controller of our reality but they can change; as we change our beliefs we change our perception, our experience, and our reality.

So be BOLD if you chose. Be whatever you choose. Nothing is impossible!

Jane Mannette

Rapid Transformational Therapist

954 260 4017

Jane Mannette
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  1. AvatarBeverly Rivers

    Great words of wisdom!

  2. AvatarMartins pius

    Interesting I will like to be part

  3. AvatarMustapha Adnan

    This a wonderful piece from a very courageous and highly professional therapist whom I had the opportunity to closely work with in Nigeria and can testify to the enormous impact she made on her numerous clients.

  4. AvatarRazieh Abrishamchi

    I love Jane. She is a very inspirational therapist.

  5. AvatarLawrence Nzenagu

    Great work Jane,
    I Love this

  6. AvatarJesse Clinkscales

    I like the idea of living boldly. My beliefs are preset on what I was taught growing up, and a lot of that changes once you become grown. Be Bold!

  7. AvatarJeff Bernard

    Jane, you are a jewel. Your kindness shines through in your joy of helping others. Well done!

  8. AvatarGabriella Coniglio

    Jane, I just recently had a conversation with a friend regarding beliefs and how we can blow up our bedrock of beliefs. Over time, our mindset becomes rigid and inflexible and is not a healthy feature especially in our older more mature years. When we are in our twenties we develop these beliefs thinking that they can serve us well, when in fact, we increase our anxiety trying to follow a set pattern in our thinking and responses about our life. This article is a nice reminder to be flexible in life because life can be challenging in its constant changes. Nothing stays the same so we better be able to alter our perceptions and act boldy and embrace life’s ebb and flow.

  9. AvatarGeorge Perez

    Excellent my dear Jane… You are a very special person full of wisdom and kindness willing to help others as the very extend you can. I’m very gracefull having you as my friend for many years. God Bless You Always…!!!😊👍🙏

  10. AvatarShelly Spotleson Sinclair

    This is very exciting!! I’m in!! You are an amazing human being!


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