Being Meaningful & Magnetic By Cody Wasial

This is not my first business, Life coaching, movement medicine all that is Soul Sprout, it’s more like my 4th or 5th or even 7th if you count some of the smaller ventures in between.

I started out as just a girl with a dream and a passion for animals. I knew what people needed, I knew I could give it to them and be a cut above the rest in that industry. How did I know that?

Because I loved it, my heart was in it, I had communication and integrity, I had amazing follow through, I was transparent, I was reliable and most of all I was always learning in order to do better. 

This was not a business tactic not at the time – at the time it was just me and how I was raised and what felt natural and morally aligned.

I noticed over those 17 years that people were following me, what was I doing? Where was I going? Want to know about my life, relationships, etc?

Rooting me on, supporting me through changes, coming to my aid when there was a need to move quickly from one place to another with my business. My clients would come in and work the front desk for me if a worker didn’t show. They helped me feed dogs if the staff was short. They donated to my causes, they listened when I spoke, and they defended me when someone would give a poor review for something ridiculous. They gave gifts and tips and hugs. They were invested in me.

But why? 

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Cody Wasial
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