Being Mission Driven By Paul Morris

Being Mission Driven

Studies done by the Direct Selling Association, of which I am a member, show that people prefer to join a company that has a Mission attached to it rather than a company without a mission.

That being said, it provokes the question, “What is your Mission?”

If a mission driving company attracts more new distributors and customers than a company without a mission, then doesn’t it stand to reason that YOU should also be mission driven? Yes, you will be motivated to help support the company’s mission, and that may be the deciding factor as to why you chose to join that particular company over another one, but what about you and your mission?

If the company mission drives the owners and corporate executives to work a little more diligently toward the corporate goals, then you too should find what will drive you to work a little harder.

So, what is your reason why to be doing your business?  What is YOUR MISSION?  Is it to get out of debt, buy a new car, purchase a new home or take a long-awaited vacation? How about quit your job or earn enough money in your spare time that your spouse no longer had to work, or plan beautiful weddings for your daughters or college educations for all of your children or grandchildren?

The great motivators in life are either LOVE or FEAR, Pleasure or Pain.  Find out what you love, discover what brings you pleasure in life and realize that all the money and time freedom it will require to achieve those dreams can come from your Network Marketing Business, and  pursue the building of your business with a passion, knowing that success in your Network Marketing Business will allow for all of your dreams to become a reality.

There is just something special about being attached to something beyond yourself that is larger than what you could do on your own. There is also a gratification when you know that your efforts are contributing to the betterment of life for other less fortunate than yourself. It fills you with a Vim and Vigor for life, it puts a spring in your step, a twinkle in your eye and give you a zest for life that you would not otherwise have.

Write affirmations that describe your dream life once all of your goals have been achieved. Hold the picture in your mind of all the wonderful things that will exist not only for your family but to the missionary outreaches you will be supporting once you are successful. Develop an attitude of gratitude that God has blessed you with the ability to be involved in such worthy projects and that he has blessed you with the talent and ability to do so. Do this and your life will change. You will rise to a whole new level of living.  You will move from survival to contribution and living life will be a joy!

In conclusion: Join a company that has a mission, a purpose, an outreach to help others less fortunate, and then establish your reason why – your mission in life and you will have the drive to put in the extra hour a day, to make one more phone call, do one more meeting, call on one more customer and the incentive to do whatever it takes to be successful in your business and in life.

Paul Morris

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