Being the best Trainer in the World by Mark Davis

Being the best Trainer in the World

Being the best trainer you can be is an inside job.

This series of articles could also have been called the Inner Game of Training, because everything that will make you good, depends on how well you can internalize it, train yourself, give yourself feedback and improve yourself.

If you still believe training is a great career to learn about, I encourage you to read the followup book in this series, “Your Audience will Love You!” which highlights strategies for trainers to have a great influence and impact on their students.

Let’s review what you’ve read so far in this series of articles, and remember – you can read any of these articles again in no particular order and benefit from the lessons they teach.

We discussed the career of a trainer, and why I love it so much.  My background and why training over teaching is my preference.

I asked you about your “Why” or your motivation to train.

Clarity here helps you decide if this is the career for you because you have to care!

We looked at a list of the characteristics that great trainers should have, and you had the chance to see where you needed to improve.  Hopefully, you’ve found some more books or training yourself to get that support.

We reviewed the subject of Influence and the huge responsibility you have to make a difference for your students.

Respect was the subject of the next article, how to get it and have your audience trust you enough to share what you know.

Entertainment and the power of giving a memorable training session were next. We talked about choosing a movie genre to match your style too.  So that people knew what to expect.

We then reflected on the power we have to influence and change ourselves.

To be the best trainer we have to realize our own personal development and professional education is key.

Then into some nuts and bolts. The preparation not just of your talk, but every aspect of a training session.

We discussed being healthy. And drinking water.

And your image – the clothes you wear and how you present yourself.

We discussed the different times of day and the different types of audience you’ll have.

The shape and style of your training room and how it can affect your impact. Also, the keys to interaction and feedback to finish up the book.

I hope you enjoyed it and got lots of great ideas to help you be the best trainer you can be.

Remember, Keep your knowledge up to date, your passion for teaching strong, and know why you’re doing it. You’ll be great!

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