Being the Type of Network Marketing Sponsor That People Want to Work With by David Feinstein

If there’s one thing that people just don’t seem to get about network marketing is that people aren’t necessarily looking for the business opportunity that’s going to lead them to financial freedom, as much as they’re looking for the person that’s going to lead them there.

I don’t know why so many people have such a problem understanding that, but over and over again they do it.

How do I know they’re doing that? Because over and over again they’re hiding behind their computer, and not putting themselves out there! They’re not showing themselves from behind the curtain.

And it gets worse. They’re also not putting out content that is valuable or is going to help people. And when they do, they’re doing in such a boring way that it puts people to sleep.

Let me just say, that’s no way of showing people that you’re not going to be the sponsor that they’re going to want to work with, not by a long shot.

The Other Big Ingredient to Becoming the Network Marketing Sponsor People Want to Join With

There’s one more thing that will make people flock to you as a network marketing sponsor.  That one thing is to have a system that they can jump right into and start making money quickly. The truth is that without a way for someone to start making money, they really have no use for you as a sponsor.

They could join up with anyone to be honest. But if you’ve got a system, plus a personality and you can show that you’re not just some boring person, then people will make a B-Line straight toward you to partner up with.

The system that we use everyday to not only make a great living ourselves in network marketing, but also a way for beloved downline to make a living.

Which brings me to the next, probably… Most Important Ingredient to Be the Sponsor That People Flock To

That ingredient is very simple! It’s caring about your downline’s success even more than you care about your own.

You see most people will only do the minimum for the downline, just enough so that they earn their commission. They don’t have time to do anymore because they feel that it’s taking away from their business.

Nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to network marketing. Much like in a brick and mortar business where you take care of your customers over everything else, in network marketing, you take care of your downline, and with that success comes to you automatically.

David Feinstein
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