Belief – In order to be successful in Network Marketing you must BELIEVE! By Paul Morris

Belief – In order to be successful in Network Marketing you must BELIEVE!

You must believe in…


  • Your company

  • Your product

  • Your self

Read articles about the owners of the company, the history of the company and read the companies mission statement. Find out what causes they support.  The more you learn about the company, the greater your belief in the company.

Use all of the company’s products.  Become a product of the product.  The more you use the products and experience the results, the greater your belief in the product.  You can read all sorts of personal testimonies, but there is nothing more powerful than your own personal experience. Your WOW experience will become a part of your story in telling others about the products.

Read self help books like “How I raised myself from failure to Success in Selling” by Frank Bettger, and “The Magic of Think BIG” by David Schwartz. The more books like this that your read, the greater will be your belief in yourself.

The greater your belief in your company, your products and yourself, the more confidence you will have to build the business. BELIEF gives you POWER:

If you can believe, ALL things are possible to they who believeth.”   Mark 9:23

BELIEF makes thing happen:

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and BELIEVE, man CAN achieve!”

The Power of BELIEF during a presentation:

Two people meet for a presentation.

The presenter believes this is perfect for their prospect…

The prospect believes this is NOT for them.

“Whoever has the greatest belief will win.”

Once you develop a strong belief that you can do a thing, the “how to” will come to you.  When other’s see how strongly you believe in what you are doing, then they begin to also believe in what you are doing and be willing to join or support you.

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, (either way) you’re right.”  We can easily substitute the word think with the word BELIEVE.

Therefore, based on this fundamental principle, “Dare to think BIG and BELIEVE you can do great and mighty things, because believing you can will be the force that allows you to do so.” Paul Morris

Belief is so powerful that it even works in health and wellness situation.  When drugs are tested, the doctors create two test groups; one group to get the actual medicine and the other group to get the placebo. Interestingly enough, in many cases the group that receives the placebo heals faster with no side effects than the group that received the actual medicine.  It is called the Placebo effect and people actually became well, because they believed the medicine they were taking would make them well, yet the medicine had nothing to do with it.  It was their belief that they would get well that caused them to get well. There are books written on this subject and hundreds of examples. One such book is “You are the Placebo”, by Joe Dispenza, if you are interested in learning more about the owner of belief as it relates to our own health and wellness. Obviously, if it works so well in that area of our life it will work in other areas as well.

Faith and belief are twins, the greater your faith the greater your belief. With faith and believe you can do, achieve and accomplish anything you set your mind on. So, begin to dream big dreams and convert them into big goals because you can have whatever you desire once you BELIEVE!


Paul Morris


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