Belief VS Technique by Jack Zufelt

Jack ZufeltWhat is the ‘it’ that you need in order to succeed in network marketing? And if belief is so important… how do you get it?

When belief and technique are pitted against each other – belief always wins.

Techniques can be valuable, sometimes even crucial, but, far too frequently, they fall prey to a pack of deadly creatures called doubt, lack of confidence, fear, lack of self-esteem and negativism. So when you see someone successfully applying this or that “technique”, but find that it did not work for you – even though you think you did it exactly like they did – it always boils down to the attitude, paradigm and beliefs that you have. If you did not copy those, then techniques by themselves end up being an experience but not a resulting success. When techniques are applied by one lacking total belief in themselves or their ability to do the technique like those successfully doing it then mediocrity or outright failure is the end result. NULL

Therefore- belief is a vital part of the formula for success. If that is true, and it is, then it would be wise and profitable to understand what it is and how to get it. First let me clear the air on something. Belief and knowledge are not the same.

You can know something is true but not have the belief to apply it. You can also believe something is true and still not be able to apply it in you own life or situation.

Knowledge is not power. The proper use of knowledge is power. Also, one can have a strong belief in something that is just not true. Like believing that all it takes is a great product to make you wealthy in network marketing. Sure a great product is needed but how many people are with great companies that have great products but still don’t have the income they could or should? Too many fall into that category. When there is mental assent to a proposition that is not true, or only partially true, success cannot result from it. One can be adamant, resolute and even defiant about something they believe in but if it is not the truth, success will not happen. It’s their truth but not the truth.

So two things are needed to be successful. The first one is Truth.

My main mentor said that if you know the truth it will set you free. I add you must also embrace it and apply it. Too many have partial, incomplete or untruths that they are unwittingly trying to apply in a formula for success but constantly experience failure. That is like trying to make water out of H1O. That will never happen no matter how hard you try or how much you believe in that formula. It is just wrong. Even though two of the ingredients are there, the H and the O, without that very important 2, you will never get water. The same applies to the formula for success in any area of life including making money in network marketing. Everyone knows that the formula for water is H 2 O but not enough people know and apply with total belief the complete formula for success. They often have some of the ingredients needed but not the most important one – Belief.

Belief is as important to your success as the 2 in the formula for water is.

Napoleon Hill said in his best selling book, Think and Grow Rich, “Anything that the mind of man can conceive of and believe in, it can achieve. (Italics and emphasis added) So if belief is that important, and it is, then what is it and how do you get it? Synonyms for belief are faith, trust, confidence, conviction, and acceptance (of some concept, right or wrong). Can you see how all those synonyms apply to your MLM business? I trust you have all those as they pertain to the company, the compensation plan and for sure the products you represent. Judging by the results you are getting can you honestly say that these are enough? You have all those and yet you aren’t making the money you know is there to be made in network marketing. Something is missing. Most MLMers quickly come to rely on and believe in the company, its products, the comp plan, their upline, and the marketing tools provided but still something is missing. Here is what it is – belief in themselves – especially as it comes to money side of their business. Their belief is not 100% because they are waiting for decent sized checks to come in before they can accept the fact that they are completely and totally believable – regarding the business side. They have no problem getting that 100% belief regarding the products of the company because of personal experience or other’s testimonies of them. But they almost always lack the same, total belief regarding themselves as they do a leader or someone worth listening to about money. They believe that will only happen after they start earning $2,000 or $3,000 checks. That is when their confidence is strong and now they have a track record so now they are worth listening to.

I have proven that it is not the check that gives you the belief or confidence. It is the belief and confidence that gives you the check.

I have analyzed this industry and interviewed big money earners (people earning $20,000 or more per month) and I found out that they all have certain characteristics and attitudes that most network marketers don’t have. You must bring these to the table or acquire them or you are destined to be a healthy, thin, beautiful, professional meeting attender but you will never become a big money earner. (All of these are on my 4 CD audio program titled, Learn to Earn – How To Make $100,000 + a Year In Network Marketing ) The good news is that anyone can acquire them very quickly once they know what they are and make a heartfelt decision to change their mind and heart about limiting or wrong beliefs. One of the beliefs all big money earners have is this – they have complete belief in themselves as someone that should be listened to and followed today – now – not if and when they start getting decent checks from the company.

They just expect people to follow them regardless of their history, background or lack of income track record.

There is a lot of information in the Bible about the idea of believing in things that are not the truth. Many people believed in stone gods made in the image of reptiles, cats and mythological creatures. They unwittingly accepted false doctrines of the day causing them to believe lies and do things that were very wrong and even deadly. Hitler did the same thing when he convinced a nation that they were superior to others and that killing those not like them was good. False doctrine always ends up causing failure. Always. What “false doctrines” regarding success in network marketing have you unwittingly accepted and believe in? If there is even one false premise, that one incorrect premise can keep you from success. One or more wrong ingredients can ruin the recipe for a cake and for success. The nice part about success is that the most important ingredient is already within each of us. It has been there from our day of birth. All you have to do is uncover it within you. This is why I wrote the book, The DNA of Success. In it have identified ALL of the ingredients, attitudes, characteristics and paradigms one must have to achieve maximum success in any are of life. It hit the #1 best seller slot in the first three weeks it was out because it is touching the very heart of the matter of success. Your heart. Hence the title, The DNA of Success.

Success is not “out there” in some technique or method or company or product. It is an inside job and it starts with the beliefs of your heart.

Your mind can accept principles easier than your heart. It can see, for example, that MLM works. No doubt about it. Anyone that says otherwise is just ignorant of the facts. However, your heart can keep you from enjoying the income from a successful MLM business because it migh
t not believe you have what it takes. It doubts. One woman told me that she didn’t think she was “cut out for MLM”. My response was immediate and went straight into her heart. It was, “When you were cut out, what were you cut out for?” Of course the answer is anything you want. Look what other humans accomplish and then believe you can too. Even if it means changing you. Do you believe you can do that? If you don’t have that belief then you must accept your life as it is. But I know anyone can change if it is worth it and they want to badly enough. I know this is the truth because I did it in my life. I was a coward in junior and senior high school. So I became a black belt and have almost no fear of others. I had no self-esteem because of my bad grades in high school and the fact that I did not go to college. I believed I was definitely not the sharpest tack in the box and I had plenty of evidence to back up that belief. Now I have a best selling book and I am an influence to millions in at least 47 countries. I have learned that I don’t need to be the sharpest tack in the box. I decided to believe that I am sharp enough to achieve any level of success that I want. And so are you! Most people have hidden barriers that keep them from succeeding. Barriers like fear, doubt, self-esteem, wrong or limiting paradigms. Even past failures make them believe the don’t have what it takes. You can’t see these barriers but they will stop you just as sure as a dam stops water. It is imperative that you destroy those barriers so you can move forward. Blow up the dams! The more barriers in your heart that you destroy the faster you will succeed. My weekend retreats are designed to do just that. Check them out at

The most important ingredient for success in network marketing is the innate ability to believe in yourself and your worthiness and your ability to show others how to make money in this proven industry with the company and products you have chosen.

From this belief in yourself will come powerful, proper prospecting which always results in a recruiting. If you believe in the product only, you will sell the product confidently. You may have people sign up as distributors or IBOs so they can get the product wholesale. Your belief in the product and yourself as one worthy of listening to about that product will result in product users. They bought exactly what you believed in. That is good and a piece of the formula for success in MLM but it is not the part that makes you the big money. You must feel that same belief in the business side. You must acquire the honorable and good attributes of big money earners which always includes presenting, with total belief, the business opportunity. Where do you get the kind of belief that insures success in network marketing – and life in general? The answer is very simple.

Borrow the belief you need from someone who is very successful at what you want to get good at.

They usually have a lot of it. Please include me on that list of potential mentors. I have enough belief for everyone. It is amazing that I never run out of belief. It doesn’t matter whether one person or one million need a booster shot in belief. I have enough for them all. My belief level never gets depleted. Here is a simple statement. Easy to understand and do.

Belief is a decision!

Decide that you can change whatever it takes (including yourself) and do whatever it takes. Learn what formulas for success are right and true. Truth and immutable laws govern all areas of our lives including making money, relationships, raising children, math, your garden, becoming a confident successful person etc. The list is endless. Discern, as I have done, which formulas are missing important ingredients or are false doctrines as it pertains to success. If in doubt use my book, The DNA of Success, as a reference for it shines a bright light on what is true or false regarding what it takes to be truly successful. Only then can you decide that H1O is not truth and that H2O is! Once you have done that drop the false or partial formulas immediately. Learn from qualified sources the formula for success in MLM and decide that you can learn to apply it with true belief, confidence and power. Then you will begin to see your organization grow and money will begin to flow.

Also decide that, unless you let it, your past does not control your future. Belief equals success in any area of life that matters to you.



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