Beware the Eternal Student Syndrome by Mark Semple

Mark SempleIt has been said that you must be a student to be successful. Just don’t be a full-time student. Being successful requires that you expand your knowledge & your awareness and take the right actions consistently. When one starts this journey, we quickly realize how much amazing training information is out there to guide us in achieving massive success and living the dream life. So, we start signing up for ezines, join communities, buy books, listen to audios and register for conventions. The training is amazing. The sheer variety and quality of it is incredible. The Network Marketing Magazine alone has a plethora of articles, audios and products that are sure to enhance your success journey.

Once you start learning and growing, the desire is there to learn more, do more and be more. And, it is very easy to begin spending excessive amounts of your valuable time training. Welcome to the world of the Eternal Student.

 NULL If you are not careful, you will find yourself constantly learning and looking for that next course or book that will be the ticket to the good life for you. Yes, continuous education is essential to consistent growth. The issue is that too many folks expend the majority of their precious time & energy on training. Pretty soon, they find themselves not achieving the results they seek and attribute it to the fact that they don’t know enough. And they find another book, audio or course. Have you ever had more than one book or course going at one time? Remember how much fun that was? Our minds are phenomenal instruments, capable of absorbing and retaining vast quantities of information.

It has been said that knowledge is power. I offer a shift to that: Knowledge applied effectively is power. Knowledge that is not utilized is worthless.

It does not matter how much you know if you do not put it into action. How will you know if a marketing strategy will work for you if you instantly start learning a new one when you finish a course? The right training is essential to your success and fulfillment in your life and your business. Choose wisely. Select the training that is compatible with your success journey. Don’t over commit – focus on one strategy at a time. If it doesn’t connect, let it go and choose something else. Don’t waste your time & energy on topics that are not your passion or your forte. Leverage the talents and resources of others while you focus on what you do best.

Remember that it may not be a lack of knowledge that is hindering you. Consider utilizing the services of a personal coach to assist you in clarifying what is truly important to you and the action steps to make your vision your reality.

It has been said that you must be a student to be successful. Just don’t be a full-time student. Choose the right training for your goals, learn it well and put it into action. We’ll see you at the top. Mark Semple CCC


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