The Big 6, Explained

This series of articles explains both the history and details of the Big 6 Fundamentals of Network Marketing Success.

Lead Generation and Prospecting

Welcome to the forth of the Big 6 MLM Success Principles.  Lead Generation and Prospecting Lead generation and prospecting are vital for your business to thrive. There are several ways to generate leads and pursue effective prospecting. The most important thing

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Duplication and Leadership

Duplication – Duplication can be both good and bad. You don’t want to duplicate bad, sloppy, or unproven habits. This is why we have created the 27%er Success System. These are duplicatable business skills and business building habits by experts.

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Customer & Partner Loyalty and Retention

What you do to retain your customers and team members are vital to the success of your business. You will want to become a person that others want to follow.  This is key to retention and loyalty. It’s all about those you

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People Skills

Welcome to the third of the Big 6 MLM Success Principles, People Skills. People skills are a component necessary to become competent in your business and it starts with you and how you relate with others around you. People skills

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Reinventing Time

Welcome to the second of the Big 6 MLM Success Principles, Reinventing Time. So many people, possibly you yourself, will say, “I don’t have any time!”. But we are all given the gift of the same 24 hours in a

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Fundamentals of Success

Welcome to the first of the Big 6 MLM Success Principles, Fundamentals of Success. This is a series describing 6 principles employed by the most successful leaders, trainers, and teachers in the network marketing industry. This series is a snapshot

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