Bill Gove, “Speaking is Easy….You Already Know How to Do It” by Dr. Roger Boger

One of my early speaking mentors when teaching with Bob Proctor was a man he introduced me to….Bill Gove.

Bob called Bill the “ Frank Sinatra” of public speaking. So, based on Bill’s teachings, I prepared a PowerPoint presentation to share with people who wanted to learn the speaking skills fundamentals.

So, begin with this thought: “ Speaking is easy… already know how to do it”. Now, that’s a direct quote from Bill Gove and I thought that most people would disagree. For most people, as the saying goes, “ be in the box, rather than give the eulogy speech.”

Nevertheless, let’s think about the process and go through some fundamentals of what professional speakers will tell you is true:

The  Speaker’s Power Board

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Roger Boger
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