Birth of a Movement: The Network Marketing Magazine By Clifton H. Jolley, Ph.D.

Birth of a Movement: The Network Marketing Magazine By Clifton H. Jolley, Ph.D.

How George Madiou and John Milton Fogg Brought Digital Publication to MLM

To understand the how and the wherefore of The Network Marketing Magazine and its new subscription feature, you should know about how it came to be and what its evolution has been and who the founders are and why you should pay them mind.

When I began a career in Network Marketing—before most of you were born!—the leading publication focusing on MLM was a handsomely laid out and professionally written folio that looked like an academic journal: Upline.

 Upline was written by John Milton Fogg (who would go on to become not only a leading authority of MLM, but author of The Greatest Networker in the World).

 John influenced and/or trained so many leaders and producers in network marketing that a comprehensive list would take a dozen articles of this length. But one of the least likely among them is George Madiou, co-founder with John of The Network Marketing Magazine.

I say “unlikely” not because George lacks the communication or people skill of a networker, but because he came from an extremely unlikely background, graduating from New York University in Marketing.  Graduates of Ivy-league level NYU—one of the most expensive universities in America!—usually go to work for Goldman Sachs rather than investing themselves in MLM. George isn’t phased by the objection. (He’s heard them all before!)…

“I’m a serial entrepreneur. NYU was book knowledge. I knew that to be successful, I needed to learn hands on with people who are successful.”

Which only partly explains why, before he got into network marketing, George was a pool cleaner.  OK, so he was a tad more than that:

“I moved to Florida and bought one of the biggest pool maintenance business in the state. You can’t learn a business like that from a book. You’ve gotta get with somebody who started with a jug of chlorine and a brush.  As a result, I became one of only 70 certified instructors in the country who taught courses both to professionals and at Florida colleges.”

He discovered something important about himself while on his road to success in network marketing: he enjoyed teaching. 

“I tell people there are two guys in my family who are failures, and two who are millionaires…and both of them were me! I began to realize that as much as I had learned from success, what I learned from failure was perhaps even more important.  You can learn a lot about success by reading a magazine; but to know about failure, you’ve got to either do it or you’ve got to talk about it with a failure.”

“That’s one of the reasons I immediately recognized the importance of network marketing, because it permits people the opportunity to succeed as well as fail…”

Just not to fail the way a McDonald’s franchise does: wiping out retirement plans and bankrupting operators. It’s that limitation of risk as well as the natural organization of MLM that causes me to recognize that.

“Network Marketing is the highest form of entrepreneurial adventure.”

And adventure he has! First as a Distributor and subsequently as an educator. To be good at any business, an entrepreneur needs mentors,” John says. 

That’s why he approached John Fogg with the idea of republishing his best selling Greatest Networker in the World as a double set, including Conversations with the Greatest Networker in the World. “Then in 2005 I mentioned to John that the industry needed the sort of information, training, and leadership that Upline had provided.  And it was John who came up with the new name: The Network Marketing Magazine.”  But John was worried about the kinds of things that had bedeviled Upline, such as the costs of printing and mailing.

Who said anything about printing or mailing?” George replied. 

And one of the most successful and long-lived of MLM magazines—featuring a Who’s Who of network marketing as its contributors and writers—was born! 

Magnetic Origins

George and I share an historical connection that predates the nearly 10 years we have known each other: Nikken. I consulted to the magnetics products company for nearly 15 years, the last 3 as director of marketing and communications. At about that same time, George’s wife had been looking for relief from the results of a car accident so bad that she had to be cut out of it with the Jaws of Life. “She went through a series of back surgeries that left her in constant pain,” George remembers. “Until I discovered Nikken magnets. Within two days, she had tremendous relief. She was an amazing testimonial, a real product of the product.  I became an evangelist for magnet technology without knowing anything about Network Marketing, only discovering it after becoming successful just by sharing the products. I already was my own best customer, so it was no challenge at all for me to promote Nikken to everybody I met.”

Epiphany #1: The Network Marketing Magazine

“A product of the product.”

That describes not only George’s introduction to network marketing, but it also reflects his enthusiasm for providing information, motivation, and training to those in our community who truly want to excel.

“I was reading a book about break-through goals and I had an epiphany about what I could do to help many more people than I could personally contact.  Within a few weeks, I was doing pre-registration for The Network Marketing Magazine. By the next month, we had 900 Members. In 5 years 15,000. “

And today? More than 11 years since that first publication, the magazine has more than 165,000 subscribers. Now, well over a hundred fifty thousand. Partly that is because of outstanding content by great trainers with real-world experience in networking. Partly its because of reliability:

“Since our first publication, we’ve never missed publishing a monthly issue. And we have been on time, every time. We wanted ourselves to set an example for what is possible when you act on a break-through goal and are committed to the success of others the way Zig taught us to be.”

Epiphany #2: 27% Success Members

In 2016 George did an analysis of Members to see who was being served and how well.

“What we discovered is that 70% of people who join an MLM company—including, perhaps, some of our readers—aren’t committed to really working the business. They don’t want to use the product. They don’t want to develop skills. They don’t want to share the opportunity.  Such people think of MLM more as a lottery than as a business: All they want is to walk to the mailbox and pick up a check. And when that doesn’t happen, they blame the company or the industry.”

“27% of the good folks who get into MLM are seriously interested in becoming successful and will do everything they need to do…if only someone will show them!

They look to the 3% at the top to teach them to succeed.

“But of that 3% of the networkers who are big money earners and have participated in genuine success, many of them are what I call accidentally successful. The work and success was either generated accidentally or by someone in their organization. They have no idea how or why they were successful or how to duplicate that success.”

So, what is to be done? Where do you find leaders who are mentors? George knows and he has committed his new Membership plan those rare leaders and the 27% who need their guidance.

“Only about 1% are successful and know why. They know how to replicate it and they teach others how to do it.   That 1% are able to lead and teach the 27% who are willing to work, who want to grow.”

27% Insider Circle =

Access to Success Systems & Basic Truths Necessary to Learn to Succeed

“We offer the magazine to anyone for free and they receive this month’s and last month’s issue,” George explains, “because that’s our commitment to the industry~

  • to provide as much access
  • to as much information and
  • to as many people

…as are ready for an initial introduction and training in network marketing.

“However, over the past 11 years, we have compiled a library of thousands of articles, that can be sorted by topic, subject matter and even author. And we have established association with trainers capable of providing masters classes to those who are genuinely committed to learning and doing and being what is required for success in MLM.”

“For that 27%er Success Member, we now provide a range of access and service unavailable anywhere else in the world of network marketing.”

Epiphany #3: Philanthropy

The “War to End All Wars” was supposed to make “veterans organizations” unnecessary, because soon there would be none. But that war was more than 100 years ago, and today we have nearly 20 million veterans in America alone!

We’ve all heard the challenges faced by veterans today—PTSD, rehab, career training—and George is committed to providing service that will not only assist veterans with an income and an opportunity, but will provide the sort of education and motivation that will help them with other challenges, too.

“I launched Business 4 Vets several years ago. But like so many small businesses, it was challenged because of the limited amount of time I could give the program and the limited financial resources. 4 years later it was time to bring it back to the front burner!”

One of the benefits of focusing on the 27% is that it has both targeted George’s efforts with the magazine and it has provided him greater opportunity to introduce veterans to the system and opportunity he knows will change their lives because it changed his: Network Marketing!

“Bringing back to the front burner has allowed us to expand this project to support not only the veteran but also others in financial need; such as the Reservist, Active Duty Military and especially their spouse and family members.”

“As a wife of an active duty Army officer, we have moved around a lot. Unfortunately, even though I hold an advanced degree in my field and have had successful experience in the past, companies have no  interest in hiring me if I might be moving on after a while. gives me an opportunity to explore a diverse number of opportunities that I can choose from and get involved in as my own business and take with me if we need to ship out.”  Megan Ann

“Military people are trained to embody the values of courage, honor, and selfless service. Giving ones’ best effort is expected in everything they do. Business4Vets provides an opportunity that encourages these traits in the business sector. I can’t think of a better way for a veteran to transition from military life to the private sector than being self employed and putting to use the values taught and learned in the military.”  Donnie Kelly, Business4Vet’s, Operations Officer

“Being a USAF F-4 and F-15 Fighter Pilot, I’ve got a background that includes the entire spectrum of military member’s thoughts at all levels.  I won’t go into my accomplishments, but they have allowed me to formulate an unique perspective regarding helping veterans, active duty officers and NCOs, reservists, spouses and their immediate families; no matter what their rank or service.”  I truly believe that ‘Business 4 Vets‘ has a niche it’ll fulfill regarding the “life style” of any interface of veterans and active duty military or their spouses, regardless of how they served or are serving at this time.”

“In my opinion, most military personnel that ‘Business 4 Vets’ will deal with come from a wide perspective of individuals who’ve served their Country and are facing new challenges that, in some cases, are monumental.  However, those on active duty have spousal challenges that having a better, proven income earning capability often makes their lives better for a variety of reasons.” Johnny Baker


  • “A subscription to The Network Marketing Magazine is free. 
  • Veteran training and assistance is free.
  • And Membership in the 27% Success Membership,” says George with a smile, “well, that’s the greatest bargain of all!”

But a bargain is in the heart of the beholder. Are you one of the 70%ers? Are you a 1 percenter? Or are you someone like most of us, committed to learning, committed to growing, committed to succeeding…and anxious to travel whatever road that will take us there?

If you are one with us, there is a circle of friends and colleagues for you. It’s affordable. It’s available. And you should join it now!

[Click here to become a member of the 27%er Success Membership]

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