Blinders and Belief- The Only Path To Success in MLM by Robert Oblon

I’d say there are a few other things you need besides hours and hours of practice of a skill set, or more importantly, to succeed in your own business, and that’s tenacity, perseverance, and belief. These things are critical; without them, you are likely to fail, regardless of the hours of commitment.

I’m going to bundle these 3 things into 2, and we’ll call them Blinders and Belief.

Tenacity and perseverance are really your ability to navigate in, around, over, or under everything that will attempt to get in your way, which includes, more often than not, people requiring blinders.

Blinders are required to prevent the distractions that come from the naysayers, the haters, and the world of challenges that await you in your entrepreneurial journey. In fact, without them, most, if not all, people will quit, simply due to the sheer power of the above-mentioned distractions.

Without continuous use of your blinders, it’s far too easy to fall into the trap of said distractions, which more often than not come from your closest friends and family. They’re usually referred to as “dream stealers,” and they work hand in hand with the “haters” who don’t want to see you succeed or, worse, blame you for their own stuff.

I know this sounds overly negative, but no doubt if you’re reading this, you’ve encountered the things I’m talking about if you’ve made any attempt to be your own boss, start a business, and act like there’s more to life than working for someone else.

It’s perseverance, coupled with your belief (we’ll get to that next), that will allow you to maintain the posture that you won’t quit. In fact, if we’re being honest, your mindset has to be that you will NEVER quit, no matter what they say to you or about you!

Blinders are a must have, and they’re needed daily, and for an extended length of time. Most importantly, in order for you to succeed, you cannot allow anyone, no matter who they are, to get you to remove them. Only supporters of your mission are allowed.

Now let’s dive into belief.

Many times, I have stood in front of an audience in an attempt to teach some of these skills, starting out with goal setting.

Goals are what you’re shooting for in your journey you’re trying to reach. It’s like your pursuit of happiness. It’s a necessary starting point of this mission you’re on, to change your life and achieve success, which is reaching those goals.

Here’s what I have run into, and maybe you have too.

More often than not, people write down their goals and dreams, and literally while they’re writing them, they don’t actually believe that can achieve them. Have you done this before?

Napoleon Hill titled his most famous book “Think and Grow Rich”.

Jesus said: “Everything is possible for one who believes”.

The bottom line is that, if you don’t believe in what you’re doing, you’re not going to pull it off. It doesn’t even matter what that thing is, from losing weight to making a million dollars, if you don’t actually believe it, it will not come to pass.

I honestly don’t know how to emphasis this enough. But, what I can tell you, is that it boils down to frequencies.

Frequencies you ask?

Yes, it’s all over Think and Grow Rich for example. In fact, the whole booked is geared towards teaching you that your thoughts matter based on positive or negative…vibrational frequencies that is.

Here’s an easy way to understand it:

When you’re having a depressive, angry or fearful set of thoughts, is that a positive or negative feeling?

When you’re extremely happy or elated, having loving or expressing gratitude or in a really great conversation, are those positive or negative feelings?

The feelings are the key here. Your feelings are your emotions and what emotional feeling your having is the frequency you’re vibrating at. Make sense?

Simple: your ability to succeed will be your ability to constantly and continuously be in positive states of mind, elevated states of wellbeing and avoiding the negative states as often as possible.

When you say I can’t…or I should say…when you BELIEVE you can’t, what emotional energy is that? Negative, right?

This is where those blinders come in!

The whole point of the blinders is to help you stay focused on the vision in your head that you believe in, while keeps all those negative distractions out of view. Out of sight. Out of mind. Away from negative vibrations.

Oh, one more thing: It’s REALLY hard!!

Blinders and Belief are not going to prevent the stuff that happens in life. “Stuff” is going to happen. There are no straight lines. Your journey to success is going to be a long windy rollercoaster ride, so strap yourself in. In fact, the more you use your blinders, the more the negative influences are going to try in distract you.

The work you’re going to put into your goals and dreams is certainly not going to happen overnight. 10,000 hours is the equivalent of 4 hours per day, 5 days per week, for almost 10 years.

That doesn’t mean it’s going to take you 10 years, but, without the blinders and belief added into the equation, it could take a 100.

The point here is that during the time it’s going to take you to get really good at what you’re doing, you must implement a much greater belief system. You must have much more tenacity and perseverance. You must find way more positive emotional states and avoid, at all costs, the negative ones, including the negative people (sorry, they’re out there).

If you’re interested in a secret on how to reach your goals and actually believe in them as you’re writing them down, then keep reading a little bit more.

Did you know that it’s impossible to have a negative thought at the same time you’re having a positive one?

Did you know that your subconscious mind can’t tell the different between reality and your thoughts or imagination?

The knowledge of these things gives you an incredible opportunity to beat the odds and achieve your goals and dreams with one simple addition to everything I have told you here.

There’s a secret to keeping those blinders activated and staying and total belief of the goal, and that’s by imagining you already have it.

Remember, this is about positive and negative frequencies. So, what would it feel like if you have achieved the goal and it’s now in your possession?

Let me give you a simple example to accentuate this point.

Let’s say one of your goals is a new car. For the sake of this exercise to work, you must be precise in the intended outcome. This means, you must know the exact make, model, color and details of this car. In a best-case scenario, you need to see it in a picture.

Now, assuming you know exactly what car you’re getting, close your eyes and act as if you already have it. What does it smell like inside? How does it feel holding the steering wheel?

How does driving it make you feel??

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