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You Make a Difference:  Trust Rules



1. Behave Consistently

2. Communicate Clearly
3. Treat Promises Seriously
4. Be Forthright and Candid

Building Trust as a Healthy Follower

Two Important Aspects:

1. How do you Think?
Critical Thinker or Unthinking
2. How do you Act?
Active or Passive

Types of Followers:

1. The Alienated Follower
Critical Thinker but Passive in Actions
Critisizer/Cynic/”Know it all”
2. The Conformist
The Active Participant but un-thinking.
The “YES” Person
3. The Passive Follower
They neither Act nor Think “The Sheep”
4. The Effective Follower
They are an Active and Thinking Participant.
A “TRUE” Colleague
5. The Pragmatic Follower
They can be any of the four depending on the situation.
Politician, Play Games, “It’s all about them”
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