Brave New World: Combining Offline and Online Marketing By Mary Dee

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Don’t let anyone tell you that belly to belly marketing has died. In fact, much of our population who are out looking for home based business solutions are still baby boomers and used to doing face to face business.

A warm handshake and a smile still gets the job done.

However, if you wish to MASTER the game of marketing there is an art in combining your on and offline strategies. The internet isn’t going away any time soon and has made it possible to reach outside of our own geographical location with ease, extending our reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, anywhere in the world. According to Statista, there are more than 3.1 billion people online. And any marketer knows that this game is about numbers. The more people you can expose to your product or service, the more likely you are to increase your sales volume.

One thing I have noticed about my most successful clients, corporate or individual, is that they have
both an on and offline marketing strategy and those strategies work together.

On of the most effective models follows this format:
1. Create an online webinar with a catchy title. This webinar should last about 45 minutes. Be sure
that your user set up asks your prospect for geographical data.
2. Use social media and a communication to your email list to invite people to the webinar.
3. Once people attend your webinar, you can then invite them to an offline meeting or schedule a
one on on conversation; optionally you can make a product offer.
4. Using geographical data that you collected in step #1, you can now offer more specific local
meeting invitations to your prospects as well as an online “drip campaign” to continue to stay in
touch with your prospects as they get to know you better.

Obviously, the best strategy is going to combine both on and offline marketing and the way you go
about it really depends on your style, products and services. If you need clarity on which strategy is
best for you and your business you can set up time with us at

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