Breaking The Belief That You Are Not Follow Worthy ….. by Carla Archer

Breaking The Belief That You Are Not Follow Worthy

Why Not Me?? 

I had a million reasons WHY NOT….. are you kidding me? 

I had more reasons WHY NOT than I ever could think of why someone would want to follow me. 

Why would anyone want to follow me?  I have no clue what I am doing. No one wants to hear what you have to say. Don’t be a bother. Who do you think you are?

These are some of the limiting beliefs that I used to carry around with me. 

When it came to the thought of “putting myself out there”, in my MLM company, in my affiliate marketing companies, and in life.  I would put on the breaks.  

Many of us were never raised to be in the spotlight, as a matter of fact for many of us drawing what was considered unnecessary attention to ourselves was discouraged. 

We tended to want to blend into the crowd so that we were not picked on as kids or thought to be strange or not fit in. Perhaps secretly envying the kids who were brave enough to be their unique unicorn selves.

Many of us, just like you and I grow up, become adults and entrepreneurs, and for the majority of us, becoming someone that others want to follow seems completely foreign, even a little arrogant perhaps. 

As a kid I was shy and self-conscious, I used to go as far as keeping a schedule of what I wore to make sure I did not repeat my outfits too soon because I believed EVERYONE WOULD KNOW and would judge me. The idea of putting myself out there to be seen and criticized was one of the scariest things to do in my life. 

Do What Scares You The Most…. Who’s crazy idea was that?? 

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Carla Archer
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