Breakthrough Leadership: Building Others Through Poise & Confidence By Brian Biro

Two Sides of a Priceless Coin

 If Poise is being yourself, confidence is the inner knowing that when you are yourself and others are free to be themselves, everything will work out as it should.  So, to be truly confident, you must have belief in others as well as yourself.  This is more crucial in network marketing than perhaps any other industry because your ultimate success depends upon helping OTHERS to rise to their potential.

My friend, the legendary UCLA basketball Coach John Wooden believed that true confidence and genuine leadership could only come from focusing on controlling your controllables:
1. Effort
2. Energy
3. Attitude

In this way, confidence must be built from your choices and actions rather than from the results. The results simply provide the information and feedback necessary to keep learning and improving.

Confidence comes from taking the shot and recognizing that it’s the best you can do. 

Breakthrough Leaders demonstrate confidence in these powerful ways:

1 They are comfortable with admitting when they are wrong or have made mistakes.

2 They do not beat themselves up, blame others, or make excuses.

3 They do not blow achievements out of proportion or become depressed or crushed when they fall short of their objectives.

4 With humility they just keep learning and keep taking the shots.

5 They believe that if things are to change, they must change; that if it’s to be it’s up to me. Personal responsibility is a privilege and not a burden when you embody confidence. 

6 They GIVE credit and TAKE responsibility and believe deeply that it’s amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit!

True confidence is contagious.

It is impervious to external storms, steady and consistent as you move between the highest peaks and deepest valleys. It is the opposite of arrogance and boastfulness which is based upon comparing yourself to others and the need for approval. Confidence is knowing that in every moment and situation you can choose to give the best of which you’re capable. And you know that everyone around you is fully capable of making that same choice. Confidence is not about beating others.  It is about being your best and feeling genuine joy and inner satisfaction that giving your all is enough.

When you are a truly confident Breakthrough Leader, you want to win and love to compete.  But your self-worth does not depend upon the result but rather the effort and energy you give.  You are comfortable giving credit to your competitors and determined to learn and grow from every experience and outcome. 

You become an inspiring Breakthrough Leader by giving everything you’ve got to the journey and having complete faith that by doing so you’ll arrive at the destination that is right for you and for your team. 

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