Breakthrough Leadership- WOO Yes! (Lesson 1) by Brian Biro

Brian BiroWhat you look for in others and yourself, you will find. And what you find, you will unleash. It is an extraordinary WOO that is possible in every precious moment!  Is it possible that your life, relationships, energy, health, business, and balance can flourish as never before, despite even the most difficult circumstances? Is it possible for you to build supportive, high performance teams, even with those people you’re pretty certain God put on the planet to “bug” you? Is it really possible for you to have more fun, greater sense of purpose, and genuine peace of mind in a world accelerating so quickly that there is more computer technology in your children’s Christmas toys than in the Apollo that went to the moon in 1969? And is it even remotely possible that your family can actually flourish with unstoppable love and connection, despite the seemingly endless distractions and disconnections of reality TV, internet, Madison Avenue, cell phones, traffic, malls, I-Pods, and instant messenger? The answer to these enormous, vital questions is WOO YES!!!  NULL

Stop reading right now and yell out the word WOO! Isn’t that a FUN word?

Now, if anyone asks you what you’ve been reading and thinking about, put a big grin on your face, look them right in the eye, and say… You’ve got it! WOO! WOO stands for something very special. It is the WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY, and with every ounce of my heart and soul I want you to know that we all share the most important, magical, and magnificent of all WOOs right now!

Do you know what it is? It is EVERY PRECIOUS MOMENT! Every precious moment is a WOO. What do I mean?

You never know if the next person you meet today may become your lifetime friend, just as you didn’t know it when you met your lifetime friends. You never know if the next time you talk with your son, daughter, spouse, friend, or brand new prospect, if something you say in that conversation may be the one crucial thing they could not see without your eyes, and a life that was on its way down is instantly reignited. You never know if the next idea that pops into your head may have the same impact on your own life. I had a high school counselor named Mr. Anderson who pulled me into his office in the ninth grade, sat me down, and with an intensity that surprised me because he was usually so light-hearted and jovial said, “Brian, a student like you only comes along about once every ten or fifteen years.” Now, at that time, it was pretty likely he meant it BAD more than he meant it good! You see, I was at a point in my life where all I really wanted was for everyone to like me. And so, I was playing the clown, not applying myself anywhere near my potential. But Mr. Anderson saw through all of that. What he was really saying to me in that moment was, “Brian, don’t waste the gifts you’ve been given. Live FULLY. Put your heart into all that you do. When each day is done, know you’ve given all you had. That’s what really matters in life.” And, you know, I GOT it! I would not be writing this article right now had Mr. Anderson not seized that WOO so long ago! I never would have elevated my academics and earned my way into Stanford University, never would have had my life move in the wonderful directions it’s flowed, and, most of all would never have stepped onto the path that brought me to my wife and children. The question is not, “is there a WOO?” THERE IS! The real question we should be asking is, “how many of those WOOs have we MISSED?” And, why do we miss them? This article and the series to follow in the coming weeks and months is about “seizing the WOO! We will live by the KISS principle – Keep It Simple Superstar! But always remember there is tremendous power in simplicity. Our new motto will be “Carpe WOO!—seize the WOO!” As you learn to make the most of every precious moment, you will discover the secrets that will enable you to answer those enormous questions of life we posed at the beginning of this article with a triumphant, resounding: WOO YES! Seizing the WOO—It’s all about BREAKING THROUGH! As a professional speaker I have become known as “America’s Breakthrough Coach!” I love this title because I believe passionately that we are all in the business of breaking-through. Whether we’re moving from fear to freedom, from failure to faith, from good to great, or from ego to “we-go,” seizing the WOO requires us to grow and move beyond limits, obstacles, fears, or doubts. Every day as parents we are in the breakthrough business helping our children make good choices that will lead them to confidence, compassion, and happiness. In our professional careers we are seeking to move to the next level in terms of challenge, responsibility, success, and abundance. When it comes to our health, our breakthroughs in diet, exercise, attitude, and habits will determine the way we feel every single day. And in our relationships that are the most important determinants of our overall happiness and spirit, our success in breaking through in terms of our communication, patience, understanding, openness, and trust make all the difference.

Your life and your business are about to BREAKTHROUGH!

WOO Lesson 1: What You Focus On Is What You CREATE! Here’s a fun little question. What color is a yield sign? When I ask this question in my seminars I ALWAYS hear the audience call out, “Yellow.” But many years ago the United States adopted the International Signage Standards, and the yield signs you and I have seen for all those years are not yellow. They are red and white! I have a hunch you might be thinking something along the lines of, “well, maybe they’re red and white out there in Asheville, North Carolina where you live, Brian. But not here!” That’s exactly what I thought when I was in the audience at a seminar and was asked the question the first time. My answer was an immediate, “Duh…yellow!” But, son of gun, from the time I finished that seminar that day they’ve managed to change every single yield sign I’ve seen ever since! The truth is, we’ve seen thousands of yield signs. We very likely see the same yield signs almost every day when we drive our standard routes to work or school. And yet, we haven’t seen one of them for what’s really there. Why?

The truth is we rarely use our vision to see! Instead we use our memory and our conditioning. The challenge is, when we use our memory to see, we don’t see what’s here now. We see the past.

Now, I hope you’ll chuckle every time you see a yield sign from now on, just as I do. But there are far more important areas in which to apply this understanding and see clearly what is here now. Where in our lives does it really matter to awaken our true vision, and no longer depend upon our memory to see? As a Network Marketer you better believe it’s with PEOPLE! Here’s an example very close to my heart. My daughter Kelsey is eighteen years-old and drives her own car. The responsibility of driving has helped her feel more independent, confident, and mature. Yet, every so often I treat her like an old yellow yield sign and look at her as if she’s still fifteen. Every time I do, our relationship takes a step backwards and needs rebuilding. The truth is: what we focus on is what we create! Those yellow yield signs were visual creations far more real to me than the actual wood, metal, and paint. The way we see ourselves and others determines the life we create and the messages we send to friends, family, and teammates in our downline and upline. I learned, first hand, how powerful the understanding that what we focus on is what we create is to those we affect. I attended Stanford University long ago (we won’t mention any years!). Like most young people going to college I was trying to figure out what I was going to do with this thing called my life. And though I loved Stanford and the challenge of such an extraordinary environment, I quickly discovered that what I loved mo
st was not at college. What filled me with passion was what I did in the summers to help put myself through Stanford (that and mega-loans, which I didn’t love!). The pursuit that consumed me so fully each summer was teaching and coaching swimming. I absolutely loved it! I’d start the summer with a group of little kids who had no idea what they were doing. They hadn’t learned any stroke-techniques; they’d never been a part of real team, and never set goals to pursue. I was eighteen, nineteen, years-old and so full of enthusiasm you’d accurately describe me as an “Ooh, ooh, ooh guy!”— You know, that fellow you grew up with who, when asked a question simply couldn’t control his enthusiasm and would bubble out, “Ooh, ooh, ooh, call on ME!”


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