Build Your Business with Extraordinary E-POWER! By Brian Biro


(In this and the next three issues of The NM Magazine I will guide you to a whole new level of ENERGY in your business and your LIFE!) 

To build a tremendous, thriving network marketing business, develop an amazing, connected family, flourish with vibrant health, and live an incredible life, it is absolutely critical that you learn the secrets to cultivating extraordinary ENERGY.  Energy does not instantly make you smarter, nor is it a panacea for solving the immense challenges you face.  But, with energy, you become far more flexible, and significantly more alert, and as energy becomes a habit within you, your resiliency and optimism will skyrocket.  Possibilities replace fears and limits, and change becomes a desired outcome rather than a dreaded enemy. 

So, why is energy so important? 

There are two fundamental reasons.  The first allows me to introduce you to my very favorite word!  And what would a day in our lives today be without another acronym?  So, the first reason that energy is SO crucial to your business, your family, and your life is all about the WOO! (Which, by the way, is really fun to say!)  WOO stands for something… the WOO is the Window Of Opportunity!

I want to suggest that we all share the most powerful, vital, and magnificent of all WOOs right now!  Do you know what it is? 


Every precious moment is a WOO!  What do I mean?  Well, you never know if the next person you meet today may become a lifelong friend, as you didn’t know when you met your lifelong friends.  You never know if the next time to talk with your son, daughter, spouse, partner, friend, or teammate, the next words you say in that next conversation may be so on-target for something they just couldn’t seem to see with their own eyes.  But you saw it.  And then you SAID it.  And because of something you said to another human being, someone’s life got better!  You never know!  And you never know if the next person you introduce to your business opportunity today may become the greatest business builder you ever brought into your team!

The question to you as a breakthrough leader is not: “Is there a WOO?”  THERE IS!  The question you must ask yourself if you want to break through is: “How many of those puppies have I MISSED?  And why did I miss them?”

Well, the first reason why energy is so important is simply this… Energy helps you seize more WOOs! And make no mistake, you build your business by seizing those WOOs.

What do I mean?  Have you ever noticed when you have more energy how much more alert you are to possibilities?  When you have energy, adversity doesn’t seem quite so adverse.  Napoleon Hill said: “Within every adversity is planted the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit.”  In other words, when you think of the toughest challenges you’ve ever made your way through, haven’t they become the very things from which you learned and grew the most?  When you have ENERGY, you immediately look for those seeds of possibility.  When you don’t have energy, you get swallowed alive by adversity. 

So, the first reason why energy is so important is that it allows you to seize more WOOs! The second reason is even more powerful.  When you truly get this one, it will change your life!

To your children…to your teammates…to your prospects…to anyone you care about having a significant positive impact on… your energy IS your example! 

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Brian Biro
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