Building a Community by Paul Peccianti

Paul_John_PecciantiThe building of a community or family environment is the most powerful way to create a successful team.

First of all, set your goals and establish your game plan. In doing so make sure you have created a duplicatible model so that others can walk in your footsteps.

Probably the most important aspect in creating your team is to develop a culture in which people can identify with and want to be part of.


The culture is very simple. Honesty, Courage and the desire to be part of a better life. If people believe in themselves and they are inspired to create good things, then their collective strength and activity will do much to bring about a better life. In time, if your ideals are strong and you are faithful to your ideals, others will see your example and they will want to share your good.

When you are promoting your culture of honesty, courage and the belief in a better way of life your community, products and company will grow to levels only imagined.

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