Building a Team By John Hackett Ed.D.

The 17th Annual Women’s Issue Building a High-Performance Culture with a W.ID.G.E.T to Position people to do their best = Network Marketing Team Success

“Great teams have the right people on the bus in the right seats.”

Network marketing can lead to significant individual success if worked consistently and intentionally. Sustainable high levels of success are earned by the network marketer who can develop a high-performing team. The first step for any network marketer is choosing to develop a high-performance culture and to intentionally seek people they want to work with on their team to be in the right places to grow themselves and help the team. to become high performing. Developing high-performance teams requires two elements a high-performance culture and using a WIDGET to help people be their best so your team can be its best.

The sad news about most Network Marketing or Google or N.F.L. teams is that most are not high-performing. Many are downright dysfunctional. A quick study of any sports on T.V. or many organizations shows that only a few teams perform well. There are two ways a network marketer can build a high-performance team and avoid dysfunction in their team. One way is to seek out and observe other leaders in network marketing to see what they do and don’t do. A coach or mentor can be a great help in this process. Secondly, they can check out studies on high-performance teams. There are two significant studies a network marketer can consider about the factors that come to play with high-performing teams. A recent article What is Project Aristotle? Written by the INSTITUTE SUCCESS TEAM described how Google’s Project Aristotle studied teams for two years, a multi-year project the company undertook starting in 2012 to examine why some teams thrived while others failed. The lessons learned from this project can be broken down into five qualities, with the first being the most essential:

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