Building an Empire of People by David Feinstein

DavidLFeinsteinx“Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together”-Paul Ryan.

A business without a community of fans, customers or supporters cannot hope to find long-term success. The basic idea is to build a business around a localized network of people. These people can be part of the business or loyal supporters. The importance on creating relationships is valuable, but why is this overlooked? Relationships with people helps define a business’s reason to exist.

At the core of any business marketing plan is the ideal prospect.

Given any string of variables, a business can have more followers than consumers and it usually does. Therefore, we must divide and shift through for qualified leads. An unqualified lead value does not mean it is worse off than a hot prospect. It could mean value in a different area.

Networking Principles for Everyday Use

As you develop a taste for lead generation, you cannot forget four major principles to networking.

The first principle is “everyone is not a lead,”
the second “communication across the network is important”,
third “keep close ties with influencers”
and the last “promote others, even if they are not your consumer.”

These ideals will grow your business and your influence can turn the tide for your business sales.

It is not easy to manage a social network that has tons of people involved, but you have to try to keep moving forward. Especially those who like or retweet your updates, they are just as valuable as the one that purchases from you.

The hardest aspect for startups is creating an environment that attracts people. Building the community can seem difficult, but they do have an advantage of changing gears faster than more established businesses. If they apply the four principles, go out, and network with personality, they increase the changes of establishing a viable community. The community can be self-sustaining as long as there is some form of moderation. WordPress offers a plugin called Buddypress, which allows a community to form and latch onto the site itself.

People Focused Businesses

Fortunately, for most of us, we can focus on people first instead of the profit margin. A PFB or people focused business will often use its networking power to find all sorts of people for its community. A healthy community can strengthen a business in many different areas. The prime benefit for a PFB is to help the business spread across new spheres, project its influential power, and cultivate new relationships

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