Build It Big by TNMM Editor

101 insights and practices on how to grow your direct selling business, shared by industry experts who don’t just talk about success – they live it.  It’s a treasure chest of advice for beginners and the experienced alike with solid and well-written information, success (and failure) stories and action plans. As I develop my team I consider this required reading. If you read this book and follow the advice given, there is no way your sales and recruiting won’t improve. If it doesn’t, it’s not because of something that was written in this book! NULL These two snips from reviews on don’t say it all about the value of this book, and “treasure chest… required reading…” and “there’s no way your sales and recruiting won’t improve” do go right to the heart of the matter. The people of the DSWA has indeed produced an excellent book, brimming with how to and why to and who to training and ideas from been-there, done-that experienced direct sales pros. The stories are warm and inspiring, the strategies and shared secrets pure gold. This is one of the top 10 books ever offered on network marketing and direct sales success. “Build It Big,” say the editorial notes, “moves beyond the out-dated business practices that no longer work in today’s changing world and speaks to the essence of your success by offering an enlightened perspective of every facet, from getting started to building a team and then coaching them to the top.” Refreshing? Sure, and true, too. Here’s a look at the Table of Contents: Chapter 1 – Starting Your Direct-Selling Business Chapter 2 – Booking and Coaching Your Hostess Chapter 3 – The Art of Selling Chapter 4 – Sponsoring and Building Your Team Chapter 5 – Coaching Your Team Chapter 6 – Developing Leadership Skills Chapter 7 – Managing Business Finances Chapter 8 – Integrating Home and Business Chapter 9 – Building Through Technology Chapter 10 – Strategies for Success The list of contributors in Build It Big truly is a who’s who of super-successful network marketing, direct sales and party plan leaders, teaching you how to: Select, grow and manage a home-based business; Find more customers and keep them life; Locate, train and coach your next superstar; Juggle the demands of a full and exciting life; Rejuvenate your business and enjoy greater profits; Develop confidence in yourself and your business; Confidently lead your team to greater success and more. It’s a great book! I highly recommend it. — John Fogg


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