Business Coaching VS Life Coaching by Barbara Pellegrino

How many Network Marketing / Direct Sales Professionals do you know whose personal and business lives are constantly overlapping? Many of the independent business owners I have coached, have left the corporate world to begin a family (or to spend more time with elderly family members) and have chosen to work part time hours. They have often replaced or even exceeded their previous full time income, setting their own schedules and work hours.

Offering business coaching can help your client get to the top or her/his career because Coaching is about walking alongside your client discovering what inspires them, what excites them, uncovering what they love about their chosen business and discovering which are the most effective actions they can take to fast track their success.

And sometimes “life gets in the way” and business activities are temporarily placed on hold or “put on the back burner” which could result in a missed goal.

Does your client need more motivation? Does your client need to work harder? Delegate more?

What is the answer to the dilemma of work /life balance?

It isn’t a “one size fits all” answer and the coach doesn’t have it!

The client does.

As a Life and Business Coach I ask my clients empowering, powerful questions and by their thoughtful answers they come to realize that, they are in charge of their choices and not victims to their circumstances. This enables them to “get back on track” quickly and often make up for the lost time.

Acknowledging your clients by “who they are” and the characteristics they display in their lives; such as dedication to family, ability to make decisions, honoring their highest values, clear thinking, taking action, problem solving, dedicated leader, kind team member, generous with their time (and there are many more characteristics that can be acknowledged, just not all at once) helps them stay in touch with their strengths, their values and increases their natural energy levels. It helps the client stay inspired and self motivated.

One of the 5 powerful Coaching Skills that is taught at the DSWA Coach Excellence School is an ICU acknowledgment. This type of acknowledgment is personal to your client, it is not a compliment, it is a sincere acknowledgment and observation of the character displayed by your client.

Work / life balance is a challenge for many people and coaching is a powerful way to help your clients navigate the “surprises” regain their enthusiasm and achieve their goals

© 2017 Barbara Pellegrino

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