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Steve_DaileyBusiness inside of Life, not Life inside of Business. Simple but absolutely the formula for success in everything you do. Think about how much time you spend working – you know, focusing on making money. Calculate in a given week the total percentage of your waking hours you are doing work, thinking about work, preparing for work, getting to and from work – basically allowing your time to be dominated by all things associated with your job, career or income pursuits. Be honest now. What do you think about the first thing in the morning? I bet its work or work-related stuff. How about while you are working out (and you are working out on a daily basis aren’t you)? What about at your kid’s soccer game – are you on your Blackberry or cell phone most of the time? How about at dinner with your spouse (and you do have dinner with your spouse regularly, right)? NULL

You see in our time-compressed, competitive, gotta-have-more culture – it is accepted, even coveted, that we drive hard in business… that it not only consumes our time but becomes our identity. How many times when somebody asks you “what do you do” you explain your job – instead of saying “Oh, I’m a world class Wife” or “I contribute to my kids’ lives in every way I can” or “I’m a Community Leader”? So – what do YOU do? Look – Life is made up of many domains. I know this is basic, but hang in here for a minute with me. Besides business, we have spousal or significant other relationships, family relationships, community relationships, health and fitness, recreation and fun, spirituality, finances relating to our future and the people we love and care for… there are many areas of life besides job and business. So business is actually one of many domains inside of life.

But how do we do it in our society today? We put Life inside of business.

We rationalize that “when we’re done with work” or “finished with the project” or “after this phone call” we then focus on the discussion with your daughter about her day, take your son to the ball game, go shopping with your wife or get back to the gym to restart your exercise program. But at the end of the day – every day – it turns out that we never quite get to all that stuff outside of work because something else comes up and you say, “oh well, I’ll do it tomorrow”. And – as the saying goes – tomorrow never comes. Let me appeal to your logic and emotion. You know this is the right thing.

Make a simple decision today that will change everything – put Business inside of Life rather than Life inside of Business.

When you do, I guarantee everything will change for the good. You’ll not only have better relationships and feel better about how you take care of yourself and what you are doing for your community – you will discover that magically even business starts going better, more profitable and more fun. Business inside of Life, not Life inside of Business. Simple but absolutely the formula for success in everything you do. So again let me ask you, What Do You Do?


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