Can “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) Produce Audit-Proof Tax-Deduction Records for MLMers ‘Almost-Automatically?’ by Nationally-Known Tax-Deduction Expert Dr. Ron Mueller

Can “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) Produce Audit-Proof Tax-Deduction Records for MLMers ‘Almost-Automatically?’ by Nationally-Known Tax-Deduction Expert Dr. Ron Mueller

This is a story about fascinating technology that is on the proverbial one-inch-line – almost ready to score.

Just for the moment, please consider these four statements as being FACTUAL:

Fact 1.   MLM professionals have more tax advantages available to them than any other category of taxpayer.

Fact 2.   All taxpayers are legally required to maintain specified records to support every tax-deduction they claim on any tax return.

Fact 3.   Most network marketers (and other small business taxpayers) do not maintain the exact documentation required for most deductions.

Fact 4.   “Lack of adequate documentation” – on its own – gives auditors sufficient reason to disallow (or deny) any tax deduction claimed.

Do you see a problem brewing here?

Let’s see… (a) lots of tax deductions available, (b) but specific record-keeping is required, (c) and we’re not really good at keeping those specific records, (d) oops, No Records = Lost Deductions = Pay More Taxes.

Question – why aren’t we better record-keepers? There’s a whole list of reasons, including it’s boring; “I don’t have time to do everything”; working my business is a lot more fun than keeping records; “I’ll get around to that tomorrow;” I’ll just hope I never get audited; etc., etc.


We’re all friends with Siri and her twin sister, Alexa, right?  How do they “work their magic?” You probably know that “their magic” is made possible through use of Artificial Intelligence (or ‘AI,’ as its now being called) and voice-recognition software.

Imagine if keeping perfect records for a business tax-deduction worked LIKE THIS:

  1. You go to Staples to have flyers printed for next week’s meeting.

  2. You pay for your purchase with a special kind of MasterCard (it works like a pre-paid credit card).

  3. A few seconds after you complete your transaction, you hear a ‘ping’ on your phone announcing an incoming text message.

  4. The text reads, “I see you have just made a purchase for $18.20 at Staples. Please snap a picture of your receipt, and then please speak into the phone to tell me about this business purchase.”

  5. Your camera has turned on automatically, so you snap a photo of the receipt, and then hold the phone speaker near your mouth and say in one simple sentence something like: “Printed 100 flyers to promote next week’s business meeting.”

  6. Then, within seconds you will see, on your phone, how AI has captured your receipt, analyzed your voice, and posted an accurate transaction which will be recorded automatically in your online banking chart of accounts,

In the unlikely event the record is not exactly correct, you can either make the change right-then-and-there on your phone, or you can later login to your secure online account to make the edit or change.

Now here’s something really cool…  As a network marketer, surely you appreciate the value of having an “accountability partner,” right?

Your CARD actually becomes your accountability partner to support you in keeping your records up to date.  Here’s how that works.

  • If you ignore the ping on your phone that comes seconds after you make a card transaction, you will get another “reminder” ping five minutes later.

  • If you also ignore that 5-min-reminder ping also, it will send you another reminder at 5:00 pm.


  • If you also ignore that 5:00 pm reminder, and continue ignoring reminders – guess what? Your card will lock-up – stop working – UNTIL you provide the information requested about your previous transaction.

  • As soon as you do that, your card “magically” begins working again.


You have you own polite and discrete, but persistent,  accountability partner making sure you keep up with your records.

When I first heard about this, I wondered if the ‘pings’ might be a nuisance to people, but, to my surprise, beta test users reported that this is one of their FAVORITE features of the card.

OTHER BENEFITS and FEATURES that will be “bundled” with the card:

  • It could become or replace your business checking account

  • It will become your bullet-proof business-expense record-keeping system

  • When money is direct deposited into your account, it shows up on your phone

  • You can set up auto-pays for your monthly membership fees, phone bill, etc.

  • You can even write checks right from the card, right from your phone

  • Transfer money to your Personal checking account? One button ACH transfer

  • Your online records are protected with bank-level security

  • Data will port directly to most major accounting software like Excel and Xero

  • You will be able to create detailed reports as needed

  • It’s all compatible with major Tax Preparation Software like TurboTax

  • Your bookkeeping and tax records will be done for you automatically

  • Could even eliminate need for bookkeeper or accountant

If you are as intrigued with this as I am, here are a few final points:

  • This special MasterCard is not YET available, however…

  • It’s looking like it will be ready to launch in the next 30 days

(It’s been in development for four years!)

  • It hasn’t even been named yet, but I’m calling it the “TALK CARD” because of how it works.

  • INTRODUCTORY PRICING is not-yet locked-in, but it is looking like it will be about $20-25/month on a month-to-month basis (cancelable anytime), or about

    $200-250 if paid annually (so if you prepay for a full year, you’ll get 12 months of full service for the price of 10).

  • Final subscription prices might not be the above numbers.

  • ALL subscriptions will be 100% Tax-Deductible.

  • I’m told that special “Introductory Pricing” will be restricted to “only the first X number of subscribers,” or “only for Y number of days.” (Specifics TBD by next week.)


  • TNMM SUBSCRIBERS can be notified 3 DAYS BEFORE it is announced to the general public, BUT ONLY IF you put your first name and email address on our Pre-Announcement Notification List at

I, for one, am impressed and excited about this technological breakthrough in simplifying tax-deduction record-keeping.


▪ The AVERAGE network marketer can pretty easily add an extra, additional, $3500 to $5000 to their annual TAX REFUNDS by simply understandingqualifying for, claiming, and documenting just a few special, home-based business tax deductions that have already been authorized by Congress, and already published in the Federal Tax Code.

Qualifying for these big, new deductions is relatively easy.

Audit-Proofing them requires having “IRS-compliant” records.

▪ The “TALK CARD” (or whatever its name ends up being) will, in my opinion, quickly become the closest thing we have ever seen to automatic, “IRS-compliant” tax deduction record-keeping.

The theme of this Feb. 2019 issue of The Network Marketing Magazine is TECHNOLOGY.  I am predicting that the “talk card” will become one of the MOST SUBTLE yet MOST POWERFUL breakthroughs for enhancing profitability of average network marketers, and for audit-protection.


The author, Dr. Ronald R. Mueller, is the dean of the Home Business Tax-Savings Learning Center, located at, and the author of “WINDFALL Tax-Savings APPROVED for Small-Business Owners” and the “2018 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.” 

Both books are available from 

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During the past 20 years Dr. Mueller has taught tens of thousands of network marketers about home-business tax deductions and how to qualify for them.

 He is widely considered THE expert on home-business tax savings for MLM.

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