Can Baby Boomers LEARN TECHNOLOGY from the younger Millenial Network Marketers? By Charles Theisen

Can Baby Boomers LEARN TECHNOLOGY from the younger Millenial Network Marketers?

Yes, they can and they are…and there are many benefits that are worth more than the Income they can generate!

THEY ALREADY ARE  At Home, In Corporate Settings, and in Network Marketing AND THE BENEFITS!

  1. Let’s Start at HOME

IN Canada, Dubbed “The Gadget Guides,” co-founders Moe Elmaleh, Corey Freeman, and Ami Moyal have been busy traveling to retirement residences around the GTA to offer hands-on lessons, teaching seniors to use smartphones, tablets, and computers.

The idea was inspired by Moyal’s grandparents, who relied on FaceTime to stay in contact while living in different countries.

“They were clinging to technology because they needed it – it was all they had,” said Moyal. “At that point, I thought, why don’t all seniors do this.” Turns out, demand is high for this type of program.

Over the past month, they have expanded their client base from four retirement residences to over 15. But they have also found great success in private lessons, where they travel to seniors’ homes for one-on-one personally tailored lessons. They now see about 40 to 50 clients on average per week.

  1. Next: Seniors at WORK

Harvard Business Review writes about 5 generations in the workplace and how Millenials can benefit seniors in a REVERSE MENTORING platform.

Create opportunities for cross-generational mentoring
Reverse or reciprocal mentoring programs, which pair younger workers with seasoned executives to work on specific business objectives usually involving technology, are increasingly prevalent in many offices. “The younger person — who grew up with the internet — teaches the older person about the power of social media to drive business results,” says Meister. Meanwhile, the more experienced employee shares institutional knowledge with the younger worker.

  1. Finally, Seniors in “REFIREMENT” or NETWORK MARKETING.

“Don’t Retire, REFIRE!” Lynda Smyth.

Many Boomers are starting second careers in the Network Marketing Industry. They have very simple “APPS” from their Network Marketing Corporate Support, however, there is still much to be learned today in the Tech and Social Media Space to prosper in Network Marketing. How will the younger Network marketers Teach the Baby Boomers? Well, they have a financial incentive to do so!

There is plenty of evidence to show that boomers are flocking to Network Marketing for many reasons and are in a position as such to learn technology from a team member!

Robert Laura in his Forbes article August 29, 2014, writes: It all sounds good on paper, yet there is a seemingly endless debate over whether these companies and programs are legitimate business opportunities or not, so I dug in and got the real scoop.  As a result,

I believe that the entire industry is poised for explosive growth and can be one of the most significant solutions to America’s current retirement savings crisis.

Robert Laura continues referencing the use of technology and social media: Personally speaking, I love talking with people who are in this industry because they are always reading, posting, and sharing something inspirational.

  1. Lastly: Benefits of Technology

Technology has amazing potential to help our older generations.

Email and Skype can help families stay connected across the miles. Education sites allow us to take a wide range of enriching courses from home. YouTube has thousands of exercise programs and workouts. Online games can provide cognitive stimulation. Health websites provide valuable information. Health tracking technology now ranges from digital pillboxes to extensive remote monitoring of daily activities that may allow people to live at home better and longer.

When my mom got her iPhone, it took about 5 minutes before she got stuck and my 4-year-old nephew grabbed it and started swiping away. Seeing how quickly young children grasp technology can be both awe-inspiring and discouraging for seniors. This is where the Millennial generation can help. We (vaguely) remember a time when using technology wasn’t as essential as breathing. Millennials love using, creating, and teaching others about the thing that has come to define our generation.

There are countless ways in which Millennials are in fact creating a wide spectrum of opportunities for Seniors to live in the BRAVE NEW WORLD of technology and it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to measure the Social, Personal, Physical, Mental and Financial benefits to the Growing Senior Population!

Hat’s Off! And Congratulations to both of these generations who have found a way to energize their LATER and THEIR YOUNGER YEARS!

Charles Theisen
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