Can we control time? By Cody Wasial

Cody Wasial

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Can we control time? 

What is time?

Time is an illusion is it not?

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It can feel fast, or slow. Years feel like days and months feel like minutes and yet some things feel like a different lifetime within the same life earth span. 

What can we do with time?

We can flow with it, we can maximize it. 

We can honor it, we can make the best of our time, and we can be intentional with our time.

Time doesn’t play favorites, it knows no judgment. It is only what we make of it. 

Time – Tick Tock – Tick Tock

How precious are the minutes of your clock?

Have you given your time the value it deserves? 

We can not add time to a bank and save it for later, or get it back once it has passed. 

Time can not be controlled…

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Cody Wasial
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