Better Words for Better Results by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

Can’t think of what to say when talking to prospects?

Here are three questions that start a conversation, and help us understand how to help our prospects:

#1. When did you decide to get a second income?

#2. Why did you decide to get a second income?

#3. How would you feel if you had a second income?


More Prospecting Questions

“Do you hate this job as much as I do?”

“Do you plan to work this job for the rest of your life?”

“If we didn’t have to commute two hours every day, what would we do with that extra time?”

“Would you like an option to work here forever?”

Listen for their answers, and simply take the volunteers.


An example of one of our brain rules.

See if this is useful.
Brain rule: “People don’t want to change their minds.”
Does that sound familiar?

If we change our minds, we feel that we were wrong.

Nobody wants to feel wrong. Plus, we have a strong bias against information that disagrees with our current beliefs.

This is why we defend our favorite band or sports team; it’s called confirmation bias.

What is the solution?

What if we want open-minded prospects who will say “yes” to our message?


If prospects don’t want to change their minds, then open with a question that has the “yes” answer we want.

Example #1: “Would you want to look at my part-time business?” (We can expect a negative reply.)

Example #2: “Do you hate commuting to work every day?” (Our odds of a “yes” reply are good. Our prospects don’t have to change their minds to say “yes” to our question.)

Amateur network marketers who follow example #1 can expect massive rejection and no business.

Professional network marketers who follow example #2 will have lots of prospects to talk to.

This looks like fun. Before we move on, let’s do a few more examples of asking the right questions. Ready?

Example #1: “Can I give you a presentation on how you can get rich?”

Example #2: “My neighbor is earning a lot of extra money. Would you like to know how he is doing it?”

Obviously, Example #2 will get more prospects to listen.

Example #1: “Call your friends and relatives. Tell them how good our products and opportunity will be for them. Okay?” (Ugh, we can feel the resistance already.)

Example #2: “Make sure to let your friends and relatives know first. You don’t want them to think you didn’t like them and wouldn’t even give them a chance. We don’t want to be embarrassed, do we?”

Example #2 feels better, doesn’t it?

Brain rules are not hard to learn. But if we don’t know brain rules, we will be victims for the rest of our careers.

* An excerpt from the book, “Breaking the Brain Code.”


How short is our attention span? I recently read an article that the human attention span is now down to four seconds. 

Is that true? 

I don’t know, because I didn’t read the second sentence. I knew some cat videos were waiting for me if I scrolled further.

The point is that we must change our sponsoring model from introducing long, boring videos to prospects as the first step. These videos will educate our prospects later, but first, we have to get their attention and their commitment.


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