December 2008

Dividing the Financial Pie by Jim Rohn

Giving, investing and saving, like any form of discipline, has a subtle effect. At the end of the day, a week, a month, the results are hardly noticeable. But let years lapse and the differences become pronounced.   I believe real-life economics must be one of the most glaring omissions in our educational system. I…
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Are You Thinking Small or Big Business in this Economy? by Jackie Ulmer

Put your big business sunglasses on and use this time to be a business success story  Business slowdowns are occurring in much of the business world, so if you’ve been thinking that it is limited to just you or your business, ask around. It doesn’t matter what your home business or what your product, chances…
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Arthur’s Corner by Arthur Tugman

Mighty Monthly Musings Many people fail for a reason they only work for a season most that succeed heed what they read Arthur Tugman ~ Success is … something you can’t top Arthur Tugman ~ The Take, On Psychology of Success When you give it your best You can turn the worst into success Or…
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