Archive 2020

If You Truly Loved Me You’d Demonstrate It by David Dunworth

If You Truly Loved Me You’d Demonstrate It And Other Complaints the Unappreciated Party Presents It’s not exactly comfortable having a conversation about expressing one’s affections to a person that feels unappreciated, is insignificant or even ignored.  When the statement,…
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February 2020

I hope you’re new decade is off to a great start! This is such a great time we are in. This coming month of February we are exploring the concept of Presentations vs. Demonstrations. What is more effective, show or…
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Facebook Scripts by Max Steingart

Facebook Scripts Scripts For Displaced Networkers 1. I’m sorry to hear about what happened to your company. Were you building the business part time or full time? 2. How were you doing? 3. Why do you think you weren’t successful?…
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